Monday, August 13, 2012



I was approached to check out this tape by a dude from the UK. Borrowing Cole's "The Warm Up", title, he goes by the name of Dragg, aka Sean S. Bumping it now. Simple beats, production is decent. I can definitely see dude having girls in the club going. "Visions" is the best song on the tape.
Hope we get to see dude grow!

The track listing goes as follows:
01 - Hypnotized (prod. by Flawless Tracks)
02 - Get It Got It Good Rmx (ft. Ekko, Millyz and Newz Tha Don)(Prod. by FranchiseBeats)
03 - Gettin Warmed Up Freestyle (Prod. by The Presidentz)
04 - Gettin Paper (ft. Newz Tha Don)
05 - Last Hope
06 - In The Morning (ft. Joy Bacerdo)
07 - Take You Out (ft. Amandi Music) (Prod. by J-Rum)
08 - Like This (Prod. by Dat Boi D)
09 - Dream Chaser
10 - Bring Em Out (Prod. by FranchiseBeats)
11 - Hustler's Mind State (ft. Rod) (Prod. by FranchiseBeats)
12 - Visions (Prod. by Grizzlys Beatz)

You can grab the tape for free: HERE.