Monday, August 20, 2012


Yes. I should be. Here are the steps I usually take to begin working: Grab my to-do list. Grab writing utensils, and a highlighter for edits. (I write with ink and a notebook, always). Well, now that that is taken care of, I must set up some tunes. Gather music. Okay. Sit down, time to get to it.. Let me just check my e-mails. Okay, that's over. Time for the essentials. A cigarette (which I always have before I begin). Well, I'm smoking inside, gotta get up and open the windows. Oh, and fuck, light a candle. Okay, now we can smoke. Okay now let's write. Wait, I should start brewing some coffee. HOLY FUCK IT'S BEEN THREE HOURS?! WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING..?! So, instead of writing.. I call my brother, and say, "I CAN'T DO ANYTHING WHY, WRITE, WHY, READ, CAN'T, WHY!!!??", and he replies with, "You're the lazy college meme.". WHAT'S THIS?! A LAZY COLLEGE MEME?! Must. Google. Hi.

Hehe, he's so on point.