Sunday, September 2, 2012


I knew it was going to happen, you know? I mean, I knew this all on Thursday. Sure, good Botch was all, "You have the entire weekend to work, don't freak out." but bad Botch was all, "You're not going to do shit.". I have done shit. I have! I have edited a piece and sent it, and I did study. Although, all of said work was kind of a half ass attempt on doing real solid work til your eyes collapse type work.
I tell myself not to do "fun" things like partying or indulging because then I'd feel guilty for not working.. but then I do things that are still procrastinating.. like watching youtube videos. SURE, it's not as bad as going to party for five hours, but it is still five hours wasted. So, what's really right?

I'm like super tired right now and just want to sleep; except I'm not sure if I want to sleep because I'm actually tired, or if I want to sleep because I want to avoid the lengthy list of "GET SHIT DONE YOU OUT OF WACK SLORE!". Slore, I chose slore.

Good Botch is all, "Work for an hour then wake up and work all day.". Bad Botch is all, "YOU HAVE THE ENTIRE DAY TOMORROW! Go listen to that new mixtape".

I have like a bunch of e-mails from people asking me to review their tapes. I don't know when I became a mixtape connoisseur but it's something I'm slowly adjusting to. I'm not mad at the fact, I'm completely flattered by the love.. Really! My opinion matters to people! Soon I'm gonna have so many more friends than just internet friends!

Kidding. I just feel like I don't have the tools to handle everything in the timely fashion I would like to.. at this point and time anyway. That's my fault.

I went from partying every day to a full plate of tasks every day, and the transition is beyond me. I'm not even as busy as I'm making myself out to be, I could be way busier. However, the amount of busy is a little more than I'm used to and I find every excuse to take tasks from yesterday and then add them on to today. Now I sit here in yester-yester-yester-yester-yesterday's tasks, and yo. I want to shove all of them to tomorrow.

Who wants to work when you could lay in bed and look at your fingers move, thinking, "This is me. I am actually moving my finger. I can make it move up. Down. HOLY SHIT THE HUMAN BODY IS SO CRAZY! I can't believe I can do all this shit!". Yeah. You know.

Tomorrow Botch is going to want to come to right now Botch and slap her right across the fuckin' mouth and I am so not even caring right now. Tomorrow Botch is going to be on Redbull, pulling her hair out, wishing she had her ass in gear this long weekend. Tomorrow Botch, I'm so sorry.


peterparkerpan said...

I like the new layout!

Anonymous said...

New look! Looks greaT =D