Monday, July 4, 2011


I feel if anything, I got like a total of like.. fifteen hours of sleep in the past six days. YIKES. Aside from being extremely tired.. I had an amazing long weekend. So let's run it down.

THURSDAY - I really wanted to take my brother to big dancing, and he was game. Well literally one beer in, we lost each other. After searching for each other for days, we both kind of gave up. I ended up meeting the boys, which was fab. Then Bianca and I met with Amber. After some more Academy, we headed to the martini bar. Ate some hot dogs, and then we found my brother again. He had pizza! So we sat on a table and drank and ate pizza. Don't you just love summer? The celebration continued over We talked for days, some heavy deep shit lol.

FRIDAY - Along with my family, Kaitlyn, Maribeth and I took a visit to my dad. We left him some Canada Day flags and reminisced. Then we ate out and my grandpa's favorite Chinese restaurant, to honor both. My grandma ended up calling us and we all had a phone toast in honour of my dad's love for Canada. Then it was to more Canada day celebrations. Met some guys from Illinois. One of them looked like the lead singer from the Drums. We had a pretty good time. I mean, THEY PLAYED ALMOST ALL OF MY FAVORITE SONGS. The Fratellis, The Weeknd, MGMT, Justice, A Tribe Called Quest ANNDDD Dragonette?! I was one happy camper.

SATURDAY - Craig's birthday! Amazing place, amazing people. I love my friends sooo much. & I love summer night fires ! It was four loko night part three, and I have no objections to four loko.

SUNDAY - I decided to finally catch up on my sleep.. about two hours into my nap after barely catching three hours in the night, I hear, "WAKE UP!". Alex showed up! Here for one night only! After a mean make out session, we made mac and cheese, watched Titanic, and made fun of each other. I wouldn't have spent the nine hours we shared together any other way. I forget how much of a stud he is.