Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I have been getting nothing but love lately.. no love from the post office, but mad love from amazing people. Inspiring things that just make you realize why you have to keep going..

VIA NOTE: "Botcho you amaze me!!! I just love your "fuck the world I'm not going to adapted to my surroundings they'll adapt to me!!" sort of attitude!! & I appreciate the passion & honesty & fearlessness you exude!! I feel so fortunate to have met you!!"

VIA SPEECH: "Can I just tell you one thing? I love you because you're a free spirit. You're a free spirit, everything about you."

VIA TEXT MESSAGE: "Your blogs are amazing! I was just reading your blogs and it sounds so fun! And I love that music is your life!"

VIA E-MAIL: "..I have so much respect for you not just as a woman but as a man too lol. you. fucking. made. me. better. Like, who does that to people these days?! Like, what person in the world can make another person better by just being themself?!"

I hit a pretty hard rut last week.. and things like this, helped me to get out. I have a really low self-esteem, and that's hard to see sometimes when I throw down a really loud voice and act like everything is peachy. I'm real good at shutting things out and dwelling about them later. Not even keeping it inside.. I'm good at fucking taking everything, and only thinking about it when I'm about to sleep. Perhaps that's why I never sleep. Yo, things like this though.. things like that, they make it all fucking worth it. Blog til the death of me. THANK YOU.