Monday, July 4, 2011


YO. YOOO. AHHHHHHHH! I've been meaning to blog about this song for days.. but I wanted to make sure I had enough time to say exactly what I wanna say.. then I started typing this, and all I feel like typing is "AHSFKAHDFBAAAJADBF !!! HADSFIBASAAA !! YEAAHHHH!!!". So. What are ya gonna do?!

EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT THIS FUCKING SONG IS FUCKING AMAZING AND I WISH THAT I COULD LISTEN TO IT FOREVER! THAT INTRO! mmhmm. "I want a bitch that look good, and cook good, cinderella fancy but she still look hood. We got our own handshake, her titties ain't fake, fuckin in the car cuz we just can't wait." DUDE. YES. I love songs about girls that make me feel like, yeah yeah I'm that! That's Common's old flow! Bringin back the sense, on a hard ass beat. I'm all for it! This is going to be on repeat for a very long time.

ANDDDDDD THEEEENNNN NAAAS GOOOESSSS INNNNNNNNN!!!!! IF ANYONE EVER, EVER, EVER, questions why NaS is my favorite rapper, you got to get back to this verse. I have so many favorite parts from his verse.. "but I'm still single, lookin for Cleopatra/ African queen, yo look at me I'm a bachelor/ Y'all niggas in trouble, keep yo girls behind closed doors/ Cross your fingers, be happy I haven't chose yours..".. Well I'm not African but I still feel like he's talking to me, cause you are, right babe? AND, til I get a nice chick to get me on some nice shit".

OHHH MAN. Who thought these two would FINALLY release this baby over TWITTER, and that it would be as banging.. I'll admit, when I heard the snippet, I wasn't as into it.

but now..

This song takes everything about being a female feel fucking great. & it makes you appreciate men who appreciate that down ass female that can dress up and still be bossy. Take it for what it is, it's hip hop. I'm just going to go and listen to all my Common and Nas cds in rotation. THANK YOU HIP HOP GOD.