Wednesday, July 6, 2011



Wow.. it has been forever since I've done a Wednesday post.. or so it feels like, I'm really not sure.. hahah. Whadddevvaahhh ! Let's get into it shall we..

I'm not sure if that's how you spell her name, but can we get over this girl. The other day my boyfriend hit me hard.. this is how the conversation went down:

him: Have you heard the Teyana Taylor remix of "Marvin's room"?
me: No, I've heard about it, but I haven't listened to it.
him: You should, it's really good, and different than the Jojo one. I like it.
me: Ugh, she's so gross.
him: Yeah right, she's a babe.
me: Ew, why don't you go out with her then.
him: Yeah sure, I'll ask her to send you free MOB stuff since you don't get that.

HAHAHA. What a shot that was to my pride. I'm over this chick. Her body is sick, the video is okay, the song IS good.. but her, as an overall person?! C'mon. If she lived in Winnipeg she'd be from Tuxedo. LET THE TUXEDO HATERS ARISE. Seriously though.. this chick is one cocky fuck, and not even in a sexy way. I feel dirty just listening to this broad. Over it.

BIGGEST PHONIES IN LIFE. The kind of people who listen to Tegan and Sara are the kind of people that wear whatever's trending. The kind of people who don't watch Seinfeld. The kind of people that started shopping at Value Village yesterday cause that's what they hear is hipster. UGH! EVERYTHING ABOUT TEGAN AND SARA. Their crap lyrics, their wannabe poser hair, they are just crap. CRAP! Anyone who tells me otherwise is crap too.

I hate when guys talk about the baddest bitches around.. like kay, if it's a celebrity fine whatever.. but when it's like someone we know.. HELLO! Please realize, every girl in the universe is every girl's competition. We are constantly battling. We are constantly trying to top the girl you're talking about. AND WHEN WE HEAR IT, when that girl isn't even that pretty.. there's about to be some rumble in the jungle hahaha.

So since the postal service was on strike, I haven't been getting mail for like.. two weeks. I finally got mail today, and was super excited about my like.. 10 pieces of mail.. ANDDDDD! Not only is the thing I'm waiting for, STILL not here.. BUT they're all bills! I'm even getting bills I didn't know I pay.. Like duty invoices from New York, and tickets?! The hell is this garbage. Keep this bad news out of my mailbox.. which I guess is bound to happen.. We all have to pay our bills.. but c'mon. Can I get some good mail once in awhile?! I need a pen pal lol.

I'm not saying I wanna pick guys up, I just came to say hello ;) lol.. but not getting hit on blows.. especially when I'm seeing all these ugly broads all over the place getting hit on.. like at Big Dancing it's okay, because all the girls there are 10's. I won't even sweat that, it's stiff competition.

IN SUMMARY, being broke, not feeling pretty, and some music really blows. HAPPY WEDNESDAY PEOPLE!


Bonibelle said...

I like hearing your hilarious shit in my head. Esp when I feel like shit. I wanted to call you yesterday while we were discussing Japadogs, but I was on the phone with fuggin Rogers for over an hour :(.

Good day, sir!

syntifik said...

we spend a total of l.2 years average on hold in a lifetime.
i guess yours is way more hahaha. CALL ME SATURDAY. i'm gonna be way too drunk today and tomorrow ow ow!