Monday, September 20, 2010


"long distance relationships don't work". i always thought that was such bull shit. they don't know what the fuck they're talking about. alex and i always made it work. no matter what. planes and greyhounds back and forth between winnipeg and toronto and korea and kenora and new york and the philippines.. and changing houses and mailing addresses and friends and schools and jobs. a shit load of waiting. a massive amount of patience. a fucking shit load of patience. too much mother fucking patience. enough patience to last a fucking life time. you know. whatever it took.
then you got people saying "how do you do it?!" .. how do we do it?! we did it for the fucks who said that this shit didn't work. we yelled at each other, we cried. we went through painful airport terminal goodbyes and greyhound stations. we maxed out credit cards on phone cards and long distance charges. we wronged each other to make it right. we made mistakes. we talked to too many exes and exchanged too many words.. but we did it to prove to those mother fuckers that long distance relationships DO work, no matter the cost.

& so. here i sit.. two years later.. never to tell myself, long distance relationships don't work.

if we last til tomorrow, sick. if we last til next week, awesome. if we last another month, another year, another fifty fucking years, fuckin' sweet. we'll look back at these days and laugh.. and we'll wonder why we ever thought it was this hard.


Anonymous said...

u two are the dopest couple!!! im so jealous!!!

Maribeth said...

i <3 botlex

syntifik said...

#1: lol, don't be! but thanks.

maribeth: & we love you!

Anonymous said...

i agree with you botch. When people asked "how do you do it?" i always said "its hard" but never tell em that i dont like it or it doesnt work. Its just not my thing lol

p.s. youve been through the worst, so what could possibly break you two up? i say nothing

Anonymous said...

- janet (sry i always forget to sign off)

syntifik said...

haha it's nice to know one of my best friends could understand the experience solely through her own experiences!
i never told anyone i didn't like it either.. and thaaankk youuuu.. i still need to formerly meet la :/