Wednesday, October 28, 2009


battery's about to die.. and we're sitting on the airport ground.. it's about 3pm in winnipeg, and it's 4am here.. my last 13 hour flight we didn't see daylight but we were able to cop some dinner and breakfast so that was pimp. i was able to watch the proposal, my sister's keeper, the hangover and finding nemo.. and then my brother showed me the hip hop section where illmatic was available for listen.. so i blasted that shit for like five hours or something and it was pimmmppppp!! that helped me sleep. the girl in front of me kept putting her chair back to the fullest but im alive.. and well. so as the laptop battery dies, ill bid my farewells. no sunshine since i left winnipeg and i kind of really miss sunlight.. WHEN ITS MIDNIGHT, AND ITS SOLAR.. ill be back once i find a charger or some shit.
oh and someone tell me how beer here is like $7 a can.. i had free wine on the plane and yall are tryna charge me $7 for a can of beer?! what isss thiiisss!!


Maribeth said...

Wooooo post already =D I thought you were already in the Phils by 10am, but your probably just got there right now lol.
The proposal was good right? I love the part when they run into each other naked and Ryan's like "why are you wet!? I don't understand! Why are you wet!?"
So I've finally decided what I'm gonna be for Halloween. Leela from Futurama.. now all i gotta do is find a purple wig. Boner has decided to join our festivities and be a ultra slutty vampire LOL
miss ya lots!

Maribeth said...

i was reading and saw this hilarious one and thought of you =)

(347): we ike ciroccccc we love patroneeeee shost shothosthsothosthostsssss veryboyddddyyyy
(203): go home

Anonymous said...

you should get a formspring. and a playlist on your blog! so we can listen to more than one song. just a suggestion. but, your blog is dope anyway.

Botch said...

Hey mA.. So much to post Bout but imA do it either lTer or tmrw ..

Anonymous guy dope idea Ima do that as soon as I have the chance.. My one song is prolly hella annoying by now Ay

oh nd forgive my spelling I'm typing this on a cracked iPhone hahahah