Monday, October 12, 2009


ugh. worst thanksgiving ever. no exaggeration there. it was my first thanksgiving without my family, and it kind of made me really bummed.. *sigh.. it made me even more bummed cause i'm not having halloween with my friends.. BUT AS SOON AS I GET OFF THAT AIRPLANE AND STEP FOOT ON TO WINNIPEG SOIL, yall better already be ready to raaaggeee!! christmas! new years! my birthday!! a party because it's wednesday!! whoa. let's not get ahead of ourselves.. broken paragraphs and slight grammatical errors, esco, let's go! i kind of really badly need a hair cut. my hair's facking long it's disgasting. i kind of also really need some hair dyage up in this bitch. so if anyone would like to become my friend? & dye my hair? that'd be sweet. 15 days is too gnarly right now.. like i'm starting to trip out cuz it's so gnarly. i'm excited and nervous and scared and so totally ready. these past few weeks have been brutal, but i know it'll all be worth it.
now if only the graffiti heads would stay on my damn suitcases it would be all good!
being a girl is lame. i need to get my eyebrows did and soon. otherwise i'm never leaving the house ever. aCk! someone needs to host an early halloween party. cmon! DO IT! please?! :(
so i got a twitter. SLOW. your. roll. i only made it just in case i decide to get a twitter, no one takes my user name. aw. wompwomp. i need to see zombieland right now! aCk !! it's killing meeee~!! i wanna buy make up but i cannn't. some dude today had the justin beiber ring tone. i wanted to laugh in his face!! but i didn't. i want cupcakes. i want new mittens. i want a new scarf, and like five new beanies, and ten pairs of tights, and leggings, and cartons of cigarettes, anddd andd andd.. someone to buy them for me...yeeeeeeeessssssssssss....this entry is going no where..forgive me. i'm livin off of 6 hours of sleep and i am head bust as fack right now.. i was going to refer to "shit i want to write about on my blog" notes. & by notes i mean, pay stubs, receipts and american apparel business cards.. but yeah. that's all the way in my room and shit. 'til tomorrow..


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