Tuesday, October 13, 2009


i wanna lick your face! ..and bite your neck.. and..

i could watch the "make her say" video for the rest of my life. real talks. i am so in love with this man it's retarded.

i just spent fifteen minutes drooling over cudi google pics.. here are my findings, please, drool a little. it's cool./ he's so fresh, all the time! he's such a tall glass of yum.. and gahd. i need to meet dude.. someone. work on that.

down with yeezys!! but toros?! bravo.

if i was kid cudi, i would google myself. & then i would find this blog, let's say it was called.. ohh i dunno.. 5YN-tifik.blogspot.com, and i'd be like "ohhh wow. this botcho girl is mad dope.." and then i'd e-mail her. telling her how dope she is.. and then i'd fly down to see her.. and ask if she wanted to have my babies.. and she would say yes. & we both would live happily ever after.


p.s. i love you lex. ahahaahaahaaaha


Maribeth said...

that is one obsession if I've ever seen one lol. you should frame the black and white picture of him looking back and hang it on your wall.

what the f is your twitter? I tried searching you and I ended up with this fobby asian girl lol

syntifik said...

you frame it! i'm poor.
i just got back from lunch with you haha.. who knew we'd end up together today!
my twitter is : syntifik
enjoy all the magic that is there!

syntifik said...

oh and i am the only 5yn-tifik, thank you very much!! fuck that other broad