Sunday, October 4, 2009



sometimes the decisions i make seem wrong to some.. i believe everything i do is not excusable, nor applaudable, but nothing is regretful. i regret nothing.. and if that makes me look like a bad person, let's base regret off of a few thoughts. i'm a 21 year old female with one life, and one life only. i would like to look back at shit one day and say, "damnnn that night was crazy!!".. & so far, that sentence has frequented my mouth more than "i love nas".. and you know thas some shit.. i just came to get lost between god & a shot of scotch!

the night started off with the p.i.c..

and ma!

my favorite local dj!!

this is like our best picture ever.. we need more.

whoa whoa lady.. save some of that action for over here;)

botch meets maribeth.

love and electrik surprised us.

girls voice = too dope (i think her name's roxy but im not sure..), and kevin = the shit

good pictures?! i juzz dont know how..

i don't know who this is, but he rocked shit.. MIA SUNSHOWERS?! hellllooooo awesomeness.

two times in three months?! call this city lucky.

weak crowd, weak venue, & i don't know how they still killed it, but they still killed it.

jr flo needs to be recognized.. give this man a trophy!!

THE FIST SHAKER! oh lawwd.. this guy was feelin it, and he showed you he was feelin it by shaking his fist like it was nobody's business.. if anyone knows this man, please give him daps.

the way garth brooks twangs his guitar.. same feeling.

same feeling!

we like your scarf:)

maribeth does too.

aw bezzies.

it's a good look.

9 compared to 50?! i'm juzz sayin..

aye ! ang galing!

i might post the other vids from this night, but i'm smizzashedd in them so we'll see! ..and so let's re-cap. the venue was shit.. first time i've been to that piece of shit in like two years, and it made me remember why. promotion was poor, after texting everyone asking where they were they were like "what?! i knew nothing about it?!".. crowd was.. there were a lot of douche bags. there were the select few cool people but i feel like they weren't hype enough. bianca maribeth and i were fucking raging, and people were looking at us like we were crazy.. but fuck you guys! people tell us "slow your roll" but we screamin "fuck that!".. shout out to awesome sounds and jack daniels for making this night wicked. keys n krates killed it, as expected, and if you haven't seen them yet, you're trippin. get on that asap. i went to write a test with zero hours of sleep in the same outfit and some gum in my hair (whattttt?! gum?!! fuckinnn drunk azzzz).. i'm not too sure how i did on that, but i'll post what i got some time this week./ i was told i smelled like alcohol and cigarettes.. i told dude i went to keys n krates, and he fully watched their vids on youtube while he marked exams lol.. after i wrote that shit, i went downtown to have lunch with bonibelle, then i went to the library to get some study on.. which just turned into me blazing.. i ended up not even really sleeping on friday and i don't know why?! saturday is something i don't wanna talk about.. and with that being said, we're at sunday.. OH SUNDAY.
22 more days til i see my boyfriend, and 23 more days til i get to say "PEACE.. you stupiiiiddd MOTHHHAHHH SUUUCKKKAHS!".. i've never looked more forward to getting on an airplane. big things in 22 days people, big things.

my life kicks ass.. sorry fuck it if that offends you.


Anonymous said...

A girl who drinks Bud?!! Mint.
"fuck it if that offends you." LOL Fuck I love you Botch.

Anonymous said...

first, that intro paragraph is some philosophical shit, you'll be a writer, no doubt about that. second, you going to be bloggin while your gone or should i delete you off my bookmarks list now? third, where are you going? fourth, toronto needs you botcho.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ jag-offs.

syntifik said...

#1: thanks

#2: thanks.. ill be bloggin while im gone, dont delete me?!!!? im goingggg far far far far away.. i need toronto.. dunn even worreh.

#3: ouch?! lem?!