Monday, November 2, 2009


and pm for you bitches.. so we made it.. so far things have been awesome.. midnight swims in the ocean.. the water is ultra warm like bath water and its fucking hot during the day.. shorts at night cuz its still facking hot!! a red bull, a 2 litre of chocolate milk and a pack of cigarettes for $2.50.. WHAT! dresses for $3!! a pack of cigarettes for 16 cents.. uhhhhhhhhh.. it's basically awesome. massages for under $10. i got stung by a jelly fish when i first got here and it sucked.. it hurt, really bad. it was welted and swollen like a mother fucker.. then i lost my camera.. hahaha. shiiiitttttt!! i was pretty fucking bummed.. then i found it. gay yes i know. for halloween we just strolled through town and gave all the little kids candy and glowsticks.. we had about a hundred glowsticks so soon the whole town was basically lit up.. some kids were so grateful and even gave their shit away.. which was pretty un real to see.. we had a parade following us through the town and honestly, if you could see the gratefulness in some of these kids eyes, you would die. it was the greatest feeling ever. i owe a song list for november but chyea.. ima be late for that. maribeth (i saw ur entry.. so fucking cute!!), bianca, boner, the boys, waddup bitches. miss you.
and im never coming back!! wahhhwahhh!! til tomorrow.


Maribeth said...

so sounds like everything did end up being cheaper there. $3 dollar dresses!? whaaa!?

i can't believe you got stung by a jelly fish. did someone have to pee on it? or wait it that just a myth? ahaha i think thats one of those stories your glad to tell and not too traumatic to experience lol.

the halloween philippines styles sounds dooope! we missed and still miss ya lots here! sooo please come back lol

Botch said...

I don't wanna come back I got maids doing my laundry Nd massages on the beach to the sounds of the waves crashing......NEVER !!!!