Tuesday, November 3, 2009


"yo botch, you got any piercings?!"
"juzz my ears.."
"you got any tattoos?!"
"yeah man."

ima leave it at that.

this beach life is pimp.


kanJay Chedda said...

"What?! You found Manuel Norega? In the Phillipines? He has a mansion? Ok we on it right now...
what what what what what what"

Maribeth said...

oh. my. god.

you guys looks so PERFECT. so much love and happiness in this picture I'm about to shed a tear.

Gaaahhd Botcho you look so girly pretty its so weird but awesome! eeeeks. i wish I was there!

and wHAAAAAAAAAAAT!? tattoo.. I was totally thinking this morning about you doing that... cooool

Botch said...

Jason au..oh how I miss u. Dairy whip soonskies!!

Maribeth..yeah I got inked. Fuck what everyone says it Fucking hurts. Lol. But I'm glAd I did it nd can't wait for my next one!!! nd thanks. There's so much things Ima try nd post with my next post: Ima try nd get pics up soon but for now my sisters facebook has some. Ima do a post soon but I'm on an iPhone sooooo ya lol

Anonymous said...

Ohhh myy gooodnesss!! You got a tatoo !! Insane !
Beautiful picture everythig looked perfect !! And it's bianca commenting by the way miss ya! Sounds like your living the life. Hi Alex !

Ron said...

Hey pretty lady.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

CONGRATS CONGRATS!! AWWW! My favorite picture of you ever! Looking soo happy and reelaxed I must say! That must have been an awesome wedding! Everyone looks REALLY good! It must be the sweeet weather out there..

AND a tattoo! botch!! OH MAN! That is AWESOME!! You must post a picture of that soon too! And it wont be long till you get a second one I'm sure! =D

Enjoy!! Love ya
- Jaanet

Anonymous said...

thanks guyssssss.....u dabest -botch

Anonymous said...

fuk ur so hott