Friday, November 20, 2009


yo maribeth, you know that dude thats dating that girl that i cussed off.. well today i've come up with the conclusion that dude is gay. he just has to be.. dating that nasty is juzz a cover up.

such a pretty face to get mashed up.. *licks screen

must.. upload.. pictures.. help.
sleep hours are still out of loop. i'm so tired savee meee.
my ears are still popping. *throws annoyance at airplane.

hey tina last night i had a dream we hi-jacked a bus.
we're so bod.


Maribeth said...

you know how we hate bitches who do things only cause their boyfriends do it. yeah she that kind of chick. as for him being gay, i can believe that. she sorta does look like a man.

syntifik said...

tranny all over her face!