Monday, October 3, 2011


As my hesitant love for Drake continues.. this video and song.. win.


Anonymous said...

a couple of things.

all black everything! jays always on deck. he just keeps going up and down the cn tower elevator, why? rogers centre, I've been on a date there! cigars for everybody. baseball gloves. scruff.

this video just screams everything toronto.

I Was Here said...

I've been waiting for this for a loooong time. Haha. Drake is love. I told ya before & I'll tell ya again. Drake is puro AMOR. LOL. Miss you so much. I feel stupid at times. Is this normal? Hope not! I'm not a regular kinda of gal.

PS. Houston needs some Botch lovin too :(

syntifik said...

lex: I thought the same things! I liked how this video screamed Toronto and Canada, but it wasn't lame like Canadian videos usually are.. and also that it wasn't completely obvious unless you knew Toronto.. but I can definitely agree with the elevator.. I was like, "so is he gonna get to the top, orrrr...??"

perla: HAHA! Drake's ALRIGHT. I miss you so much! get a damn phone! I'll make it to Houston some day.. that's word.