Friday, October 7, 2011


These past few weeks have been crazy. I've made life choices and party choices. I can't remember the last time I've actually slept during the night. I've always hated when people say that, "I haven't slept in weeks". I considered it to be an act or a phony testament of how cool that person is.. but fuck! Seriously, I haven't slept in weeks.

so, go ahead and get lost..

Good things have happened, bad things have happened. Some how though, I've been learning to accept bad things a little better now. So much bad shit happens to me, and a lot of it is my own fault.. so why should I host a pity party for myself when I'm the one who made the invitations? No fucking more. There's a lot of good going on right now, and I choose to pay attention to that, and nothing else.

I've met soooo many amazing people these past few weeks, it's ridiculous. I'm so thankful for everything going on right now.. even with all the bad, annoying shit.

Maseo was amazing. He played more disco and funk than hip hop which wasn't minded at all. The crowd was minimal, but fuuuck, who needs a crowd when the music is that good. I feel like sometimes people don't understand that you can attend a show for the music, without giving a fuck about anything else.

Kings of Leon was a blast. Nothing like being front stage for a huge concert. Is there something ridiculous attractive about guitarists smoking? Really though, every time he took that cigarette and placed it in between the strings and the bridge of his guitar, I thought I was going to bust a nut.. right there.

University held a speaking by Jeff Chang. Jeff Chang is the author of "Can't Stop, Won't Stop". A piece of literature that every single person who appreciates hip hop should pick up. About six years ago, I won a writing award that allowed me to get one book off amazon for free. I ordered "Can't Stop, Won't Stop". The people in charge of the award kind of questioned my actions, but I didn't care. I highlighted that shit to shreds, and had notes all over it like it was a textbook. A falling out with my exboyfriend ended up in him ripping the book to pieces.. and it wasn't until two years after that where I got a second copy for my birthday. This book literally at one point, was my life.. so you can imagine how awe-struck I was meeting him.. and I was with good company. It was a perfect fucking moment in my life, and I'll treasure it forever. Not to mention, I got to meet him. I think I blabbed something in between stomach butterflies and nervous hand-shaking about, "YOU'RE AMAZING! AH". Yeah, "amazing", the only adjective I know. hahaha.

Richard and Marti's birthday wasn't exactly a success, but it certainly was a good time. Whenever I get to see the slur of all of these fucking people, I get all kinds of excited. I love my friends to the death of me, and can't wait for round 2, tonight! Eek!

When it comes to Canada, or football, or fireworks, or hockey.. I instantly feel connected to my dad. So last night's NHL party really hit home. Glad I ended up coming out for that, it was worth every second.

In summary, life is good. Let's hope it stays like this for awhile. Happy weekend. I hope the work I put in will make up for the lack of entries lately.

And hey Alex, I haven't forgotten about you.
Know that.

Happy Thanksgiving, xo!


peterparkerpan said...

I have just successfully read through all your new posts and have come to the conclusion, that you are an amazing person. this entry specifically was really good. now come cuddle already.