Saturday, October 15, 2011


I wish that Jose Cuervo was Four Lokos, but.. it wasn't. Puking in a lounge and getting away with it has accomplishment written all over it! AND, it wasn't me! No throw up here, just a boozy bitch hangin out with some boozy bitches. Good lawd, I love my friends. They always quick to the rescue with some, "Everything will be fine, Botch! Let's have fun!". Avoiding the troll looking dudes who wanna start a conversation just because we in the same corner. You should see this shit. We work like a fucking heist team, unlocking a bank safe with skill and team work. Shit is beautiful. Hello Apan!
We ended up cabbing last night, and this Russian cabbie was hella trying to take us home. I guess that shows how slizzered we were.. at like 11:30. TIME AND TEQUILA JUST KEPT FLOWING. Surprisingly, the mix of vodka, beer, tequila and crown didn't upset my insides. Maribeth got a little down, and I tend to let her stay there cause her second wind hits like a tornado.. then she all about it. I love her.. and Kaitlin. These broads are fire.
My friend Amber had a rough night.. It's hard to believe that things like this still happen? I've always been anti-violence and anti-drugs.. but when it comes to people I love getting hurt, I can only wish the worst upon such lames.

Anyway, the month of parties continue. See you tonight, Jose.


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thank you for being my best friend and know that I need my naps in order to party lol.