Monday, October 24, 2011


You know, just tryna make it. Staying up all night, work and sports all day, and trying to build.. something. I still say "amazing" way too much and don't have a Halloween costume. I've followed some foxy females into a group called the United Nations. They're basically the bossiest bitches on the planet. I've also come to terms that the Last 3 Digits remix of Duck Sauce's "The Big Bad Wolf" is possibly crack.. and that "Pussy Marijuana" by David Sebastian is meth. Both of which I choose to indulge in daily. The music, of course. Hugs, never drugs. Esco is getting bigger, but she's still cuddly. I am itching for some sort of ink or piercing in my life. The Greenroom is officially my favorite spot, just like you promised. Redman is still that dude, even when he's solo, I will see him live for the rest of my life. The screening of the Tribe documentary was so good that I went twice. Grippin Grain was, is, and always will be my favorite day of the month. Four Loko is still running through our veins and it hurts a pain that's so good. Fall is here, and so are fall boots! I need to dye my hair. I love the color red right now, and deep reds. Love affair with lipstick. Feeling extremely bossy lately, even if all these endless nights have punished the fuck out of my health. Yep, I'm sick. Reading three different books at the same time confuses me, but I do it anyway. I'm thankful for everything, even the bad shit. If you want to get at me, you probably shouldn't call me. I'm all about the texting and emailing lately. I just don't have time for phone calls. Never about the bull shit lately. If these dudes wanna run game on me, expect Botch in the worst way. I can rip your soul out with words and a sly smile. Alex is still gone and it's still hard, Perla is still my baby, my friends are supportive, ill bitches, and everyone else can go suck it. This isn't a proper paragraph, and neither is my mind. Line breaks are for pussies.

"Botcho, write a blog entry already!!", heard it fifty thousand times already. Need a laptop, right meow. Bloggin on my phone? Apparently. I'm addicted to my phone.

Did I miss anything?!

Oh, I'd like to make out now. Hmph.