Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I just realized how ridiculously busy I am. Lex leaves tomorrow, award ceremony on Friday, followed by the symphony.. somewhere in between that I have to drop off my transcripts, take my exams, organize my portfolio.. actually fuck that, ACTUALLY MAKE A PORTFOLIO (my ryerson one is simply bland), and pay my cell phone bill. Ew, when did the end of this week get so crazy?! Notice how work isn't any of those.. because I sadly, won't have time to.. which means.. NO MONEY. So my next paycheque is a bust, which sucks.. EW. STOP IT! hahaha. Fack. I just wanna take everything and spread it out over the next two weeks or so. I'd also like to get a new phone, but I'm trying to hold back on that til a new blackberry or the iphone5 drops. I DON'T WANNA GO TO SCHOOL OR PAY FOR STUFF OR WORK/ BOOOOOO!! Can someone point me in the direction of a place to throw up, cuz I definitely feel an anxiety attack about to progress..