Thursday, May 5, 2011


I barely hate on artists I truly LOVE. I mean, I hated a little on Jay Electronica when I saw him.. and a little on Lauryn Hill.. but for good reason. She showed up to the show a little over three hours late. AND, when you're about to faint from de-hydration, and you're at a concert with thousands of people, at the front of the stage, you have to pee, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND it's 98 degrees outside, it takes a toll on you. I LOVE LAURYN HILL, really I do.. but let me say how big of a fuckin' diva this broad is turning out to be. The reason why she showed up late to the concert I attended - was because she decided she wanted a mani and a pedi.. and her voice gave out a few times. Like really, that nail polish time could've been rehearsin time. Then she shows up late to another show.. EIGHT MOTHER FUCKING HOURS LATE, and tells her fans (after they booed her), "I personally think, I'm worth the wait". C'mon Lauryn. We're all about your talent. So we'll wait, but don't give us a half ass show.
My buddy, Perla, attended the show last night in Houston. You can check that entry on the side bar to the left! & I can't say I'm not surprised. She again, was three hours late, and didn't give it her full performance.. nor did she say enough about being late. That shit is ridiculous. I bought a Lauryn Hill ticket for the show here in two weeks.. but I'm honestly not sure how I feel about it. How can someone you love, someone so good, perform so terribly?! It's like.. THE GREATEST PIECE OF CAKE IN THE WORLD, but it was baked by someone you hate, and you haven't eaten in two days. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU DO?! GOD DAMMIT, YOU EAT THE CAKE!

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