Monday, May 23, 2011




I know I should've done this mixtape a LONG time ago. I haven't done a Mixtape Monday in foreverrrr.. feels like it anyway.. & I haven't said shit about Frank Ocean yet.. except on twitter.. but that wasn't here. Before I express my undying love for Frank Ocean.. I'll say that I didn't do the mixtape because when I listen to mixtapes, I like to have the time to.. without interruptions. I like the full tape to get a full listen, whether it's bad or not.. Well my boyfriend came in for the weekend, and he gave me some hunky dory about "YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT!". He remains correct.
His voice is so drop dead fuckin' fabulous.. I haven't felt this way about a voice since John Legend first dropped. I am seriously fuckin' astounded with dude. Production, amazing..! & with these kinds of stories.. you're placed right there, with that notch in your grin.. saying "Yeah, man.", as if you were right there with them.
So fuck all of the general praising.. let's go into this by track.
Strawberry Swing, hello summer breeze! Hello long grass and no bugs! Hello sunshine and laughter. I don't know about you, but that's exactly where I was placed for this on. Novacane, definitely one of my favorite songs on the tape. "Every single record, auto-tunin', zero emotion, muted emotion, pitch corrected, computed emotion.. I blame it on the model broad with a Hollywood smile, ow. Stripper booty and a rack like wow" AND THEN TO MOVE ON TO COACHELLA! Yes. Let's take it there! Let's take it to where celebs lose themselves to groupies.. if anyone takes this chance to call me a groupie, I'll kill you lol. Noooooovaaaacaaane. Don't lose yourselves people.
We All Try.. just nice, just nice. Bitches Talkin, LOL @ that radiohead comment. "What is a radiohead?!".. IF ANY DUDE, ANY DUDE, came over to my place, and pulled out my radiohead cd and said that, I'd tell them to fuckin' leave. Songs for Women THAT INTRO. Be still, my heart. This is going to be the next song on my blog, believe it. This is my absolute favorite song on the tape.. I wasn't really feeling the chorus too much.. amazing song, just felt a little tad bit poppy for me.. however, completely feel like no one's even stepped up to the plate with a song like this before. & that drake part is hiiiilarious. Frank Ocean, I've heard of you!! & although you might not make songs for women, I need you in my life! Come. Please. hahaha..
Lovecrimes, whenever there's a girl laughing in a track, and it sounds cute.. you know it's a good time. There Will be Tears, * sigh. REALLY. Really. Okay. Perfect. Swim Good, amazing beat. So simple. Dust, keep living. Keep loving. & when the ink dries, and the pages turn to dust.. Who's that laughing in the library?.. Is that you? American Wedding, a long one. lol. NATURE FEELS, oh HOWWWWW I LOOOOVE MGMT!!!!!!!!!! & how I love Frank Ocean for hitting up MGMT! & for how this song is about fucking! HAHA. & fucking in a garden?! Who has done that?! Who has fucking wrote that?! "Making love, underneath the cherry leaves, baby girl, tell me how my nature feels?" That's fuckin' fine by me. If you can take that kind of shit and make that shit sound sexy.. well, you get a fuckin' A.

Solid mixtape. 4.5/5 for me. Need to bang to this one for the rest of the year.