Friday, May 20, 2011



At one point in my life, Immortal Technique was my favorite rapper. The year was 2002. I was fourteen. I would play him all day, and my mom would approach me with, "Are you really listening to this?" and "THIS IS TOO MUCH!". I guess that's what any mom would think if their fourteen year old daughter was bangin' tech records on full blast.. but it's just cause she wasn't listening..
I feel like that's the biggest misconception with Tech. I mean, at one point.. I was like "I love him, but I'll never go to his show, he might punch me out". HAHA. If you read that Source article, you already know.. but now. NOW!! I've definitely grew out of it. I've tried to see him.. missed him unfortunately.. but back to the point. When people hear Tech they freak out.. like he's the illuminati or some shit.. that isn't the case if you actually take it all in.
Dude expresses with such high intellect, struggle, and poverty, and world issues, and corrupt governments.. and he's not just rapping about it. He actually knows what's going on, and is just voicing. That's so admirable. He won't even be produced. He refuses. He wants all his music to be all him, without any suits having any power over him.. so you know he's in this for good reason. & I've dedicated so much time to try and prove this to people. IN TWO seperate instances, I have used Immortal Technique songs for school projects. & although I was highly criticized by teachers and peers for it.. I got through to some people.. the people that actually listened.
Get learned, and buy an Immortal Technique album, or fuck it.. burn it, he just wants you to hear it. FREEDOM OF SPEECH MOTHER FUCKER!