Monday, February 7, 2011


i swear if i get asked if i have a tumblr, ONE MORE FUCKING TIME!! "yeah this is botch, you heard of her blog?" "ohhh you got a tumblr?!" NO MOTHER FUCKER, i have a BLOG, not a fucking tumblr.. A BLOG.. and since i seem to be the only one in the world right now who notices how shit this site is making the internet.. i'm about to go ahead and roast it.. with something i'll calllllll..


i'm all for people thinking something is ill and wanting to share that ill thing with the world.. fine.. but when your entire tumblr is re-blogged, it's a bunch of pictures, songs, and youtube vids, that i could give a fuck about.. because i know you didn't come up with that shit. lazy asses.

this is honestly the lazy blog. i rarely ever see a sentence on tumblr that didn't come from like a billion backlinks.

there ARE some tumblrs i actually do enjoy, and i can't even comment on them ?! lame.

i swear there are like four templates on tumblr that are recycled by its billion users. i don't know if the html is hard to format or whadevs because i don't have a tumblr, but really.

i think the whole point of tumblr is to try and be "cool". you're trying to get your shit re-blogged as many times as possible.. to seem ill with it. my boyfriend put it best, "tumblr is like your bedroom, and you're grabbing shit from other bedrooms that you think is cool to make yours look better".

i've only heard this from tumblr fans, but apparently when accounts get deleted, they don't get a warning. it's just poof, gone. sucks yo. lol

okay. we get it. you love music. music is your life.. and it's also this person's, and the person who reblogged from that person.. and that person's.. oh.. neato.

people seem to have these music players that grab all the music they posted and play it.. not only do these half the time not work, they also fuck up the links on the pages.. and they also don't pause directly on command. PAUSE DAMMIT, I DON'T WANNA HEAR KATY PERRY.

ohhh true love. ohhh couples holding hands. ohh couples looking at stars. ohh couples kissing. emo couples, hipster couples, with an SLR, making out. cute. you aspire to be them and it's sweet. ugh, *gag.

i have friends that have tumblr, and there are so many times where i'm like "hey your tumblr's not working" and they're all "dammit, again?".. this site goes down alll the time.. that might be a traffic issue, so it doesn't bother me too much.. but i'm sure that's still hella annoying for its fans.

facebook pictures being passed around on tumblr is such a nightmare.. seeing "110 people have re-blogged this" has me all sorts of freaking out.. and it wasn't even my picture, it was just someone i knew.

this one is my favorite! i don't know why every single tumblr has every single picture of 3's ever made on their site right now.. every single colorway. LOOK 3's on my feet, LOOK, 3's on some random girl's feet, LOOOK, 3's in a box, LOOK, a couple wearing 3's. ohh wow. so you're a sneakerhead because you can copy and paste? impress me when you actually have a few pairs of shoes in your closet.. you can't reblog to your closet, son.

the copious amounts of gifs and maxim girls on some of these things is redic. like okay, you think this girl's hot.. and that girl.. and that girl.. and then we got ten different posts, of ten different girls.. and i can't find your older post button, so i'm just going to assume you're a dirty pervo.

an slr picture with a random quote over it. so tired!

.... seriously.

how some pictures get classified as art or masterpieces, or anything of that nature.. is beyond me. curse the internet for killing brain cells faster than thc.

tumblr is barely legal. we got 13 and 14 year olds showing me their half developed breasteses and i ain't tryna see that.. nor am i trying to see arched backs of little kids and kisses to the camera like they victoria secret models. their junior high text books are in the freaking background, like let's not play silly.

those albums aren't yours. those shoes aren't yours.. you just want people to think they yours.. and they're not yours.

this is a big issue because i get that the whole point of tumblr was originally to share art between artists.. but now with all the backlinks, not only are you not getting art.. but it's hard to find out where the piece originally came from.. like anyone's concerned anyway. which is kind of offensive!

i swear, tumblr made everyone go out and get an slr. "i need myself a camera now so i can take good pictures so people will re-blog it".. fuck outta here.

lol, liar.

this one is for the girls who post every single photo they can re-blog from a chanel show, or a dior show.. or vogue/fashion mag.. when they don't give a fuck about that shit. if you're actually intrigued by fashion, get into it. don't bite everybody.

"i'm at jack astor's, bout to have a beer, then i'm going to go to hmv... it's nice outside" omg you impressed me so much with your two second post about where you are.. should i go meet you?! you're so cool.. really though, should i go meet you?! can we look at music together?! should i go meet you?!

followers only follow so they can get more followers. *yawn.

all tumblrs are (sorry sorry, MOST TUMBLRS).. they're a fucking front. theyre a fucking front to impress people.. you're just biting a billion other blogs, fronting like you thought of it, and it looks phony as fuck. it's rare that i see a tumblr and don't think "this person's a fuckin' joke".. swear. i follow about 10 tumblrs right now, because that's all i can follow without wanting to pull my hair out :/ it makes me want to puke on the creators (although they prolly too busy posting soft core porn pictures with terry richardson zing!)

oh botch, you so contradicting! yeah, i know.. eat me. i also realize that there ARE tumblrs out there that actually DO have substance to them, and are actually worth looking at.. i like themed ones, and people that actually put emotion and thought into it.. i just happened to notice a lot of the bad, maybe that's because it's become the new asianavenue.. like we all didn't hate on so many AA pages, DON'T LIE! it's a modern day of theifin' layouts.. watch yourselves!


Anonymous said...

WHOA WHOA WHOA. hold up.

how do you follow 10 tumblrs? i thought you didn't have a tumblr? you?!

k, i agree on most of what you said. let me help you out on some of this, since i do have a tumblr and am willing to convert you. (KIDDING, geez.)

3. "no comments"
you actually can leave a comment/message to a certain tumblr by clicking their "ask" link or by putting "/ask" at the end of their url. it may or may not be published because it's up to the owner of that tumblr if they want people to see that comment.

4. "same templates"
i agree, but it's only because some people are html illiterate. don't hate tumblr, hate the kids that don't know how to use it. just saying.

11. "the facebook stalk"
true. but that's the thing about the internet. doesn't matter which site, a picture can be reposted anywhere, anytime, any amount of times. without you even knowing it. think about it, what if people come to your blog and take your original photos and copied them onto their site because they liked it? it could happen!! and maybe it has? but since you have no tumblr, you won't be notified if someone puts your photo on their site. sucks, huh. lol.

and this ties in with number 1. "re-blogging".
i get your point on how it seems lazy when people reblog. in fact, i hate it when i see a tumblr thats like 99% of just reblogging shit. i agree. the way i see it, TUMBLR IS NOT A BLOG. (you happy? lol) so since its not really a blog, dont expect to see a lot of text posts. but it's unique because it's similar to a blog, but its not the same idea. you can share with people what you like through pictures/videos/quotes and such. and so what if that picture isn't originally yours??? they show at the bottom of the post who actually posted that first, so that person gets the credit. it's not stealing. stealing would be if they didn't have that credit at the bottom.

but all in all.... thank you for stating your mind about tumblr. i was beginning to think i was the only one who thought those things. especially the "generic couple pictures" and "hypebeasts". shit like that BLOWS UP on tumblr and its really annoying and that is a downfall for tumblr.

buuuuut... i still enjoy tumblr. i like showing people things/photos i like, things i dont like, and what i'm feeling. and if people reblog me? then cool. that could mean they agree which is a good feeling. and if nobody cares, well at least my thought is out there, and someone must of read it. and the more followers you have, the more chance of your thoughts being read. i guess it's a confidence booster too when you get followers. knowing people like what you like, so they follow you. i mean, dont you feel all fuzzy inside when people follow your blog? i'd follow it if i had a blogspot.
and ew, AA!! take that back!!!! hahaha

sorrysorrysorrryyyy for making this comment so long.
oh and btw, i'm the one that asked a while back if i could quote you on my "blog" (i didnt wanna say the word tumblr in that comment cause i already knew you strongly dislike tumblr lol) but im a bit scared now to do that since you might hate on my tumblr if i gave you my link. but even if you dont like tumblr, i honestly think a blog like yours is too good for tumblr anyway. i swear, people would reblog you like no tomorrow. its like when i like a song that's kind of underground and low-key. and then it becomes all famous on the radio. it'll be like that, but worse!! and if people dont reblog you like crazy, its because they dont know a good blog when they see one.
k im done and i rest my case. this took really long to write lol.

syntifik said...

lol, by "follow" i mean, i check out about 10 tumblrs.. i don't have one. i thought about it, but that moment passed lol.. that whole ask thing is okay i guess.. i just would like to see something that directly linkts to posts.
i don't mind people not being html saavy, not everyone and their mom can css the fuck out of a few scripts.. tumblr should help this sitch by having more templates.. just saying ;)
i know anything off the internet is basically up for grabs once it's there.. i feel like this is just an easier way to stalk people. i'm not worried about my shit getting on tumblr as long as i'm credited for it.. !
VERY happy you said tumblr isn't a blog;) lol.. i never expect to see a lot of text posts.. i just get a little frustrated when these kids call themselves writers and what not.. i agree, tumblr is unique, and it is a community.. which is nice.. but half these tumblrs arent giving proper credentials.. and that's just that!

the hypebeasts and generic photos are silly.. and is a downfall for tumblr.. but i still like the occasional browse myself. agreeing is a good feeling.. IF IT IS THOUGH. my only point with this post is to say that half the time, these people aren't connecting, they're fronting.

i will never take back the aa comment.

i appreciate the long comment.. and i appreciate you wanting to quote me.. and i'll never hate on your tumblr.. i'm telling you.. i don't hate the site, i just hate what a lot of people turned it into.

thank you for the kind words and opinion.. and for the long ass comment. replying to you was like homework, and i appreciate that.

i "like" this comment ;)
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haha just kidding.

jHeff said...

it's all about the Guestbook. Sign that Guestbookie dammit! Shout out to my peeps!

AsianAvenue : 1, Blogger/Tumblr : 0

Anonymous said...

why do you hate tumblr :(?

syntifik said...

jheff: LoL.. i TotaLly AgrEeH!! GuEsTBooKs ArE WhErE itZ @ !!!!

anon: I DONT! lol. i don't.. just the things people do on it!

pie said...

i liked the reblog thing because i'm lazy, especially when you wanna share funny shit or sometimes you just come across a photo/quote/whatever that makes you go, "word...".

but then someone recently reblogged a personal photo of myself (JUST ME!) i had posted and that just plain creeped me out. it's like stealing someone's fb profile picture and then posting it as your own. who does that?!

sooo no more.

syntifik said...

haha i get the reblog thing about half the time i suppose.
the whole personal picture thing is pure creepage! they have to save AND upload that shit.
totally creep status.
what's your tumblr? i'll judge it. kidding, about the judging part lol