Monday, February 7, 2011


sometimes people in the game do silly things.. or they just get caught looking silly.. upon finding these i couldn't help but laugh my ass off so i thought i'd share.

24. dj quick's cover

23. drizzy in some fake j's

22. naked nelly *shudder

21. crooked i's misspelled tattoo

20. lil cease's cover

19. trina's leaked cell phone and mysterious rash.

18. relationship tattoos.. and then breaking up

17. the whole kanye leak

16. fake lv sunglasses on xxl. louis vuitton actually wrote a letter to xxl saying these were fake, but the dude who gave ross the glasses says these are legit and just customized. you decide.

15. benzino leak.

14. lol, oh cam.

13. game's butterfly

12. weezy's condom ad, go down.

11. ...

10. fergie's pee

9. rub a dub dub, tupac in a tub


7. yung berg's chain gettin passed around like groupies

6. young prodigy doing ballet

5. knocked out suge knight

4. big daddy kane's playgirl stunt

3. dr. dre

2. ricky ross

1. everyone's fav.



Ron said...

hahaha well done ma'am

syntifik said...


Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHA ohhh this is hilarious

- Bonibelle

syntifik said...

hahah it's pretty fantastic