Monday, February 7, 2011


Deleted me off of Facebook because I questioned her being a, “Hip Hop Head.” Truth hurts, bitch. Deal with it and step up your knowledge, instead of faking that you’re one ;)

how you going to say i'm a "friend of yours" and then call me a bitch? i deleted you off facebook because you're the most fronting, cocky fuck that i know. i never needed to impress you, NOR DID I EVER TRY TO. my knowledge on hip hop beats many, and it continues to grow daily.. and that's not because i'm trying to earn my way into your books, it's because i actually like this shit.
if you really cared about hip hop, you wouldn't be on my jock, you'd be spending that time to learn more your fucking self. LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT SOME FACTS HERE. i liked hip hop WAAAAYYY before i met you.. if my tastes differ than yours, that DOES NOT, DOES NOT, mean they're wrong. you say i'm faking. PLEASE. YOU WEREN'T A SNEAKERHEAD WHEN I MET YOU. it wasn't until i took you to the spots in toronto that you suddenly started liking that shit.. calling me up asking me "what was that store that you bought your shoes at?". yeah i thought so.. and it took your new girlfriend to turn you to banana republic.. IF ANYONE'S FAKE, it's you. you turn to your current girlfriend for style and cling to it like it's yours.
IT TOOK ME, for you to learn about that.. AND IT TOOK A FEW SHITTY COMMENTS, for me to finally get on and realize that you're nothing but an arrogant prick who has no friends and wants some fucking attention.. and i'll let you have that, i'll give you a whole fucking entry.. because i don't deserve to be called a bitch.

SO RYAN, you wanna call me a bitch, say i'm faking, then text me and say you miss me in a couple months, go for it. do you. we'll see who's the fake ass when you're ringing me up.


jepppreeee said...

daaayyumm! don't mess with Bueno women lol they're just too strong.

But I can't really comment on the situation, I shouldn't.

I would just like to say that you write so well. Hahah for real. Whether it's a happy post, a sad post, 25 series, wha-eva...your grammar/punctuation/fragments (lmao) it's all pro. Except you don't start any sentence with upper-case but I know you do that on purpose....right? please don't tell me you're retarded?

i don't know anyone else who loves to write as much as you do...don't stop...push it, pa-push it real good sallt n peppa's heeeyah haha

syntifik said...

thank you so much! yeah, i don't write with capitals at the beginning because it takes away from the way i write when i'm in journal mode.. (like how i just used two periods for 'continuing'..)

thank you!! i will write forever and as long as i can!
i heard that song on the radio today:)