Tuesday, February 8, 2011


eye bags and no sleep.

this picture was taken in times square new york. right after a shit load of no sleep. my eye bags are reeeediculous, but this picture hits home.. i complain a lot, about not having certain things, not having enough.. or not having done a lot.. but when i take a look at the bigger picture, i have.
i've been to winnipeg, to toronto, to vancouver, to halifax, to north dakota, to minnapolis, to guyabitos, to puerto vallarta, to manila, to puerto galera, to korea, to new york, to oceans, to cities, to stores, to boutiques, to concerts, to festivals. i've seen a shit load of music, a handful of plays, operas, symphonies, conventions, and shows. i've immersed myself in cultures and strange foods, and i've sat on a crocodile. i've been stung by jelly fish, touched a shark, rode an elephant, and tested limits. i've been rock climbing, and hiking. i've taken a two hour treck up a mountain. i've swam in mountain run-offs, and ocean streams, and i've stood behind waterfalls. i've painted pictures with white sand beneath my feet, and ate a coconut straight from a palm tree. i've seen a live eel, and monkeys, and had a lizard visit me in the morning. i've been eaten by mosquitoes, been sun-burned, and i've been so cold my thighs turned blue.
i've milked a cow (and used this milk for cereal in the morning), and shaved a sheep. i've cuddled a chick and a piglet. i've been tubing, and fishing. i've held my own on roller-coasters and big rides. i've had a dinner on the beach with my boyfriend while we watched fire dancers and held beers. we've shared a 5 star hotel room, and we've shared airplanes.
i've gotten a tattoo on an island, tasted duck tongue, showered in front of the ocean and i've been snorkeling. i've seen rainbow fish, starfish, and live coral directly in front of me. i've driven at 3am to fetch fresh orange juice, just because it was an option.
i've met musicians and promoters and shared stories and thoughts. i've got autographs and photographs and interviews. i've seen my soul inspirations on stage. i've talked before thousands of people. i've been given government awards and basketball medals.

.. and some days, no matter how many times i've cried, no matter how many times i've been told "no", no matter how many times i've been rejected, or spit on, or how many times i've been shut out, or sad, or failed.. NO MATTER how fucking far back i may feel.. i have to REMEMBER, just how great things have been.

my name is botch. & this, is my blog.