Wednesday, July 28, 2010


we've been to several different cities. we've racked up credit cards with plane and concert tickets. we've cussed each other off. we've written each other love letters. we've written each other hate letters. we've been dead broke. we've been filthy rich. we've handled cases of beer and suitcases. we've said goodbye, and we've said good morning. we've driven to destinations. we've spent hours on jeepneys and broken down buses. we've sweated it out in heat waves, and made out in the blistering cold.
we've had fuckery and mind games. we've had boxes of shoes and boxes of cigarettes. we've yelled and whispered. we've skated and swam. we've climbed mountains, and tackled oceans. we've spent hours on the phone and hours hungover. we've discussed books, and hip hop. we've treated each other like shit, and had others treat us like shit.
we've made wrong decisions, and big choices. we've moved in, we've moved out. we've shared meals, and shared credit cards. we've held hands, and slapped faces. we've packed bags and packed bowls. we've tackled winnipeg and toronto, and made both cities see exactly what kind of ill na na this shit is.

i miss you cudder (i miss your bald head w/ a fitted even more;) new york's our next adventure.. can't wait to tear the mother fuckin' house down.. but til then, i'll see you friday.


- botch


Unknown said...

That Eminem song was sick. I don't think I ever heard that before. Was that from 1996?

Unknown said...

The Nas song, also never before. I assume it is new. I haven't checked his last couple albums. He also has one with Damian Marley correct? This couldn't be that.

syntifik said...

co-sign! ..and yes it's from '96! the nas song isn't new.. it's from 2000 i think.. it's on the vacant lot soundtrack, so it's not on an album.. prolly the reason you havent heard it.. AND YESSS.. the damian marley and nas album is stupid good. GO BUY IT.

peterparkerpan said...

I have tears in my eyes. you should write about this scarborough fella more often. he sounds like hot shit and so do you!

syntifik said...

HE should write about ME!