Monday, July 26, 2010


i am so fucking annoyed and pissed off it's retarded. i don't even have the time to blog, but it's what i WANT to do, so i put it before the important shit. i am fucking tired. i am fucking moody. i wanna cuss everybody off, and just yell "stupid mothhaahhh suuuckkaahhsss". ESCO IS SO CUTE I JUST WANT TO EAT HER.. but goodness is this one ever a trouble maker! i'm getting better at scolding her, instead of being like "oh don't pee, you're bad.. OMG YOU'RE SO LITTLE AND CUTE!" i'm doing a lot better. i wanna sleep but i can't sleep. i think that's the real reason why i'm so fucking edgy. i just haven't slept in days.. or maybe i'm just making up excuses for reason to be an asshole. *shrug. i wanna party but i don't wanna go out.. what is this, a re-post of my last entry?! PERHAPS.. !! wtf is alex doing?! ALEX ARE YOU ALIVE?! i'm gonna drink my beer and smoke a cigarette and wait for this thunderstorm now.
thunderstorms make everything all better.

anyone wanna come over cuz bianca keeps hanging up on me.. fucker. hahaha jk i love you. COME VISIT ME:( i have beer *nudgenudge.


Anonymous said...

Puppies are hard work, and I find it most admirable you named it Esco. Thunderstorms scare me, I fucking hate thunder. I always bitch out while I'm driving and swirve a touch when I hear a random *BrGgkKhh*. That's the best thunder sound I can make typing.

Anonymous said...

your hot shit! im still alive. friday afternoon through monday hectic morning

syntifik said...

#1: THEY ARE HARD WORK! i don't think people realize what having a puppy entails!! that thunder comment had me dying.. that thunder typed sound went well to me!

#2: THANKSSSS!! friday afternoon!? DAMN. there goes my tanning plans. juzz kiddin. monday hectic morning?! DOES THAT MEAN 5AM?! cuz if so, doesn't matter to me cuz you juzz lemme sleep anyways! CAN WE WATCH INCEPTION!? i'm the only person in the world who hasnt seen it:( CAN WE GO CANDY SHOPPING?! i want the blue string things w/the white stuff inside, AND BANANA MARSHMELLOWS. DONT LEAVE MY ROOM A MESS THIS TIME OR ELSE NO DANGIDDY FOR YOU! oookay, long email of a comment over here. miss you bitch, bring me beer when you come. koo, thanks:)