Saturday, July 10, 2010


this will be my second night staying home this weekend. WHAT? i know. on that good girl tip, tryna get good girl rich.
no drug dealin for me son!

i was going to go out, but after dinner i was just too full man. i ate way too much. so now i just wanna sleep so i wake up early enough to get a run in the morning. i also already spent way too much money today. 6 cds, a pair of pants, two meals, a pack of smokes, a sixer of beer, and one red bull later.. cot damn botch. i need someone to put me on a budget, cuz i just do not set any boundaries for myself. damn that striped piece of plastic. dammit! i'm cuttin this shit the fuck up tomorrow. beer time.


peterparkerpan said...

oh i'll put you on a budget all right!
*shakes fist

syntifik said...

haha yeah right! i'll put you on a budget mister buys shoes every weekend..!

She. said... I think you'll love it. ;)

syntifik said...

haha, originally i was gonna write "thanks for the spam".. but you're right.. i actually do love it! blog love all around.