Tuesday, July 20, 2010


so all you gotta do is get lost between god and a shot of scotch.
i'm extremely moody. extremely. i try not to be, but i totally am. i go through hot and cold moments. one minute i'm up, the next i'm down. i'm bitchy when i'm bitchy, and i will diss the fuck outta you til you say "fuck, this botch girl, she's a fucking bitch". hey, *shrug*, i don't mean to do it, honestly.
i LOOOVE animals. not to the point where i'd throw paint on a fur coat, or stop eating meat.. but if i go to a petting zoo, i'll be having a salad for dinner.
i looove dogs. every single fucking thing about them.. i just got a new puppy and named it esco. pics soon, you'll love her!
i'm not really grossed out by blood and guts in horror movies, or tv documentaries.. i think that shit is so fucking cool. like, that's my favorite part in zombie movies. mm yes, GUTS! i love guts! i love seeing intestines stretch and body parts break! yaayyuuRR.. and when it's like lypo on tv, and they're cutting fat or some shit.. don't phase me.
i really don't like taking the strainers out of showers though. that shit creeps me the fuck out. i hate hair.. well actually, no i won't say that.. i hate WET hair.. like if my cousin uses my brush or some shit, i can remove that no problem.. but when it comes to soapy wet hair, ew. kill me now.

what's with all this gross talk?! i dunno. it's just being typed people, can't stop it.
my boyfriend and i argue about dumb shit. such stupid shit, it's retarded. in fact, i don't think we've ever really had a REAL fight. like a "why you talking to that girl/dude" or "you forgot my birthday" type fights. no. we're really good with that shit. it's the whole, "you left your clothes on the floor" type fights. i'm usually the one to call him over to "resolve things", and that urks me some days. just once, i want you to come up to me and say "hey can this little fight thing we have going on be done now". i always try to put myself in your shoes, and i will always do my absolute best to keep things right. it's nice to know our problems have so far been so minimal, and i know i'm not the greatest girlfriend in life.. but i'm yours, so suck it up playa. hahah. just kidding. i got you cudder, love me.
NEVER LET YOUR AUDIENCE SEE YOU SWEAT. they can never know if you're under. people tend to take advantage of the un-knowing and that's some shit i will definitely not tolerate. so bottle that shit up.. and whip out one of the tricks you have under your sleeve. i got one hundred trillion.. so where should i start?

my bad for not being on the bloggin tip. having a new puppy is like having a fucking baby. it's like the ultimate test to see what kind of mom i'd be.. abusive. JUST KIDDING. i don't hit puppies. i've just been trying to hold down a relationship while trying to potty train a puppy, and when you're juggling that.. no fuck that, when you're juggling THAT, trying to make a dollar, keeping your nikes away from puppy teeth, and organizing your life.. well.. blogging moves a little further down the list.. BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN, it doesnt mean the world to me.. what means the world to you !? DIAMOND RINGS, bloggin tings.. emotional balance. being a better person. treating my boyfriend the way he deserves to be treated. remembering to do things for myself. treating people who deserve it, well. treating bitches, like shit. friends. family. christmas!

so.. on this fine tuesday afternoon, lemme know..

what means the world to you?


Anonymous said...

Being happy!

jHeff said...

Laughing! With people, not at people =D.
Sleeping comes in at a close second lol.

syntifik said...

#1: concur! being happy is my over-all goal.. but i'm a real asshole sometimes lol

jheff: i totally laugh at people.. i wanna get paid to sleep.. i'm real good at it!