Tuesday, July 6, 2010



i fucking love coffee. i went through a good four month period of drinking coffee every morning, but i hate what that shit does to you. so i quit it.. but fuck, do i love it. i've had about five cups in about a week's time and that scares me. i don't wanna depend on it anymore.. but i totally do.
gum rules. if you have a pack of gum, you are a grade-A type person. during basketball season, i could NOT go through a game without gum. gum is fucking bomb.
i had braces for over four years. i miss them terribly.. my teeth were fucking jacked up before though. they were chaotic. i needed braces when i was like 12 and my mom was kinda like "you can deal." she finally gave in at the age of fifteen. the years in between that were hell. i hated that shit.
i cry every time i see fireworks. i hide it, but i totally cry.. it's a personal type thing.
when i was a kid, my dad promised to take me go-karting. we never went. i refuse to ever go go-karting.. and every time someone brings it up, i can't fucking do it. i change the subject right away.
the song "karma" by lloyd banks was dedicated to me by an ex-boyfriend. it will never fully be listened to by me, ever. it just, hurts. hurts too fucking much man. thirty seconds in and i feel like an asshole.
i dress pretty bummy monday through friday. ball shorts and a t-shirt. pretty much always. & if it's winter, it's sweats and a t-shirt.. and sneakers always. my days are filled with running around doing errands, and i don't give a fuck if i look like i just woke up. weekends are for dressing up.. and even still, sometimes i wish i could roll in the club in a baggy ass tee and ball shorts. i contemplate doing it too often.
i feel like everyone who smokes belmonts started because of me. i don't care what they say, it's because of me. you meet someone, and ask them how they found out about belmonts.. if they don't say me, they're lying.
i constantly over-hear people i roll with talk shit about me. sometimes i wanna grab their fucking jaw, and see how much my knuckles would bleed as the two made contact. other days i'm like "fuck it". i feel like anyone who can't say what they think about me to my face are punks. sometimes people only talk shit about you to impress the people they're with. be careful what you say people, i'm not that far behind you.
i would never do anything to compromise my friendship.
i've been thinking about quitting smoking constantly lately.. but non-smokers are such bitches. i don't want to be a non-smoker. if anything, i would LOOOVE if i could cut down to three a day.. but it's fucking hard man. cigarettes are bitches. they look good, but they fuck up your life.

you must be honest, and true to the next.. don't be phony and expect one not to flex.

& i will blog til the death of me.


Anonymous said...

" i wanna grab their fucking jaw, and see how much my knuckles would bleed as the two made contact "
That's the reason I love this blog.
You're such a rock star!

I'm gonna stay anonymous to bug you lol

syntifik said...

hahah far from a rock star, i can't sing for shit.. but the mentality is there.. thanks.
anonymity comes with bloggin. i'll take it.

jHefffff said...

Lol I started drinking coffee when I was like 5 or 6 man. Coffee and pandesal every morning haha but i don't understand how some people "need" it. Do you guys like fall asleep during the day? or do you get headaches?
And I know how you can quit smoking!! Have babies already =D. Haha surely you're not the type to smoke a baby out of the womb...And this is random but I have a feeling you'd be an awesome mom.

And we definitely need to play ball sometime.

syntifik said...

haha eww jheff, that's so nasty. you still drink it or what?! i just have more energy with the caffeine fix, which makes life easier.
no babies, thanks. it'll be at least five years before that..!
speaking of babies, are you going to go to fiona's birthday!? LET'S GO TOGETHER! i know you have to go god daddeh! don't reject me:(

jheffrey said...

Yea dude, XL triple triple every morning before work haha.
And yea we'll go to Princess Fiona's party. Let's Go, Lesbo!

syntifik said...

haha really, that's so grown up of you.
lol @ princess fiona.

.. but if you ever call me a lesbian in public, i'm going to have to hurt you:)

kanJay Chedda said...

non smokers are bitches?! excuse me? i'm gonna punch you square in the face next time i see you botcho, then we'll see who's the bitch! haha

syntifik said...

haha settle down j. you know it's true!!