Tuesday, April 21, 2009


shout out to everyone i've spoken to in the past THREE days.
if that doesn't include you, step ya game up.

i had a really bad day today. well it wasn't horribly bad, just everything sucked. i am officially broke. $12 to my name. this weekend is gonna be a rager.. now, i must figure a way to make this $12 stretch! hahaha. faCk. get my hustle on.. looks like i juzz might have to. ay! i'm in that whole "shut the fuck up, you're fucking homo, i'm way cooler, i dress better, your voice is gay, you look like a douche, you're a slut, this is my life and i juzz dunnn givvuhhh fuck" mind state. i like to call it, botched. let's get botched yall! oh sweet silence of rejection. the past week has consisted of crying over nala, movies with the boys, pizza and beer with ma and bianca, a lot of fucking weed, and calgary beating chicago. i am finally getting a grasp on my sports tip, and balanced it out quite well with entourage. i'm one episode behind on gossip girl, but that will be fixed tonight. TRIUMPH!
i got a text saying that my past few blog posts have been weak. sorry yo, i been like done cleaning my room and shit. throw some shoes away, get rid of garbage bags of clothes, read a little, write a little, have a cigarette, you know. this life is hard.. okay not so much hard. more like, filled. i haven't touched the blogging world in a minute, (and if so it was a short minute) just because i've been seeing my friends, cleaning, learning, organizing, and trying to find cigarette money in the couch cushions ;) i hereby state that my best effort will be put forward next week and i'll try to get an entry every day up.
anyone notice how weezy has a lot of lines about poop?! his obsession with shit is kinda weird. "you like a girl with no asshole, you aint got shit!".. "but im the shit and they just poop stains".. i know there's like 40 billion more but i can't think of them right now.
i hate old fobby asian dudes that think they can have whatever they like. today i had one call me a slut basically, and then he started chopping me. like ew dude, wtf is wrong with you!? i cussed him off. i'm usually a people person, but today people were rude and arrogant, and needed to get kicked in the face forreal. that is some anger management shit, i know, but honestly, some people are fucked up.. if you knew, you'd think the same way, trust me.
brodie jenner, ay? ugh. i'm pretty choked. beer in my fridge, room is clean, a few cigarettes in my pack, calgary all day, the weather is beautiful but i'm choked! i think it's something that happened in my dream last night to make me feel such.
if i won the lottery today, i would give you $3000. im so sorry this is getting ridiculous! tell your moms, to get with my moms..


Anonymous said...

we are gonna take the $12 and party like its 1999.

syntifik said...

sick, 5 cent candies til we puke em all out! rager!