Saturday, April 11, 2009



60 behind the fucking cut!

so i am very aware i look exactly the same in absolutely every picture.. but yeah. i cant change that ima douche and don't know model poses. epic fail! too lazy to rotate.. i rarely fucks with the rotate button!

so this is drake.. well actually, it's half of him. i have bad aim ahahaha

more pics with jason au, no problem! blog it!

look mom!

yeah.. same exact tilt/face in every one.. ahaha

my richard!

whoa, easy kelly.

dopest couple in the buildin!

everybody loves kelly!


his name is richard, and he broke his berry

fucka berry, weston all day!.. well for richard.

dying to know what was going on here..

fuck i love you ahhahaha

they do not put that plunger to good use lemme tell you!!

hahahaha i'm dying


this rope has authority ok!!!!

let me in VIP forever okay?!!?!!?!

see what i'm talking about with the plunger.. HOW DOES IT GET TO THIS POINT!? HOW!

hi, i love you:)

whoa dont puuuke..!!

no richard ! hold my hand !

we're fun! totally diggin how my hair looks like it's a wig.. SICK.




i have decided that the way i'm going about things is kind of lame. YEAH OKAY. i applied at ryerson, i got in. that's new. that's fresh. that's scary and exciting.. but as much as that's awesome, i need more. i need a lot more. SO. with thus being said, i have composed a list.. of things. these "things" are of such that i want to do because i haven't done them, or things that i want to do again because it was such a good time. my goal is to get at least TEN done within a year.. some are real simple, some are a little harder than others.. but come next year (MARIBETHS BIRTHDAY, HOLLA!) i want at least ten done.. and if not, then i will.. do a humiliation.. i will do up to ten.. depending on how many things i get checked off. maribeth can pick whatever they are, since it's her birthday.

1. swim in the ocean
2. make out in the rain
3. eat something i haven't eaten before
4. snowboard
5. go camping
6. attend a baseball game
7. get an autograph
8. rock the bells
9. chicago
10. have a picture of my chucks in 5 different cities (i.e. travel to 5 different cities!)
11. blow out candles on my birthday (it's been so long!)
12. win money in poker $$
13. meet nas
14. spit off of a bridge
15. break a beer bottle
16. go to a concert with my sister
17. go to a concert
18. go to a concert
19. go to a concert
20. go to a concert (i wanna attend at least 5 within a year!)
21. get another job
22. blaze on the beach
23. tag shit up like crazy
24. get a really bad ass scrape from rollerblading
25. become "spit" brothers with someone
26. get a tattoo
27. be on a stage
28. new york
29. paris
30. tokyo
31. introduce myself to a random stranger
32. feed a homeless person
33. make a t-shirt
34. get something/ANYTHING published
35. get my blog hits to 15000 hahahaha
36. touch a palm tree

SO.. 10 out of 36.. that's only 27% percent. completely possible, and i'm completely serious. i'm 21. let's get life goin..! fuck a dream board, make dreams happen. i am taking another step by writing this list out. i will carry it with me everywhere (along with my camera, to provide proof!), and if ever i get the opportunity to cross something off, i will.. and i'll update as time goes on. wish me luck! i'm nervous! it's not gonna happen right away, i know that.. but i have a year. lets go lets go lets gooooo!!


Anonymous said...

i believe i've done 25-30 things on your list, but i'm much older, wiser, and more charming =P

scompton said...

20/36 im good. my goal is to help you get all of them in within 3 years. then you'll be right on pace. btw my mom said after australia, there's a chance I get to do a stop over in Tokyo, come with. Paris will be last

Carol Ann said...'d u do that? the cut i mean..

Anonymous said...

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 14, 22, 33, 35 + as many concerts as you want.

I'm down to do any of those numbers. If not all.


syntifik said...

anonymous: that just means your adventures are over and mine are just beginning:) SO HA~!

scarborough: i will do everything in my power to do such!

carol ann:
it's kind of a pain, but worth it

ma: your birthdays inspiring what can i say....!! you should do something on saturday too;)