Tuesday, April 28, 2009


dear winnipeg, you'll always have my heart. whether i leave you, or stay, you're my city.. and i put on for my city. i rep this city to the fullest. WINNIPEG ALL DAY! however, i have complaints. the stadium being built in the boonies, ugh. hello! one of winnipeg's biggest problems is foot traffic, and if anything, the stadium not being inner-city is gonna prevent people from attending games. everything is so spread out in winnipeg, and that's why our night life is kinda wack. if you wanna drink, then eat, it's not walking worthy. you gotta do a shit load of running around. shopping wise too, osborne comes close to touching both, but other than that, after about twenty minutes, it's time to hop in your car and hit up a new location. another reason why downtown blows. if it were up to me, i'd grab everything and shift it downtown.
now. TICKETMASTER. ticketmaster is no longer using paper tickets. cause hi, they're dumb. this is to "prevent scalping". you now bring your credit card up to a booth and show it along with identifcation for a slip that'll get you into your show. OH YAY! MORE LINE UPS! not only that, but if you didn't buy the ticket yourself, you bring the credit card on which it was paid for. ARE YALL IDIOTS?! i've purchased tickets for friends and shit, and there is no way i'm about to give my credit card to someone so they can grab their shit. no offense, but i feel a little sketch carrying my own credit card.. and who gives a fuck about scalping! it's not like ticketmaster is losing any money.. and there have been times when i've NEEDED the scalpers. a show's sold out, but you love the band so much.. like who gives a fuck! paying a few extra bucks is a choice that's up to the customer.. if they want to see a show, let them buy their fucking scalped tickets! AND I ENJOY KEEPING MY TICKET STUBS. shit is memories. i've kept them all:(.. now i don't get that shit!? i hate you ticketmaster!
so the other day downtown, i saw this guy juggling.. he's so hot. but yes. anyways, this bum goes up to him, and he's like "I CHALLENGE YOU!!!!!".. after sifting through the near by garbage can, he whips out three plastic bottles, and proceeds to attempt juggling. after they kept hitting his drunk ass in the head, he gave up. i just found it humorous. juggling dude was kinda like "ya whatever, my skills are redic."
green day is coming here..!! ..and when i found out.. oh baby. sea glow isn't worth it in the end. shit just ends up more yellow!! and you stick to the ground when walking. oh that's fun. fucka sea glow.
i got the presale password for rock the bells, and not only did they jack the prices up, but they're also holding it at molson amphitheatre.. which means, SEATING.. i'm sorry but rock the bells is not meant for seating! i refuse to be restricted to a certain section. i wanna roam wherever i please!! not only that, but the presale password didn't even get me good seats, and the vip section is behind a shit load of people. ew.. basically, this means i will NOT be attending the rock the bells in toronto.. i'm going to the one in bc. yay to blazing outside!

sleeping without nala in my room is lonely. asjhkahaaaaaaa