Tuesday, April 14, 2009



& i hate to say goodbye.. you've been with me since i was 11.. 10 years baby! a long time runnin.. i knew it was coming, this past while was certainly not your finest, but i promise your last days will. prepare to eat like a princess..! sleep on my bed! aaaaaand alla that! cuz people who don't have pets, don't know just how attached you get. i love her. I LOVE NALA.. and she's one of the greatest things to ever have stepped into my life. licked my hand during break ups, attacked dudes that approached my house, kept my legs warm, my pillow when i was watching tv.. and on halloween i was batgirl, and nala was batman! we're basically the greatest team to enter life! greatest dog ever.. but april will be her last month. if you wanna see her, holla, i know she'd love to see you.. remember when richard got drunk out of his face and chased her around calling her a fox!? "BOTCHO THERES A FOX IN YOUR HOUSE!!" and nala was juzz chill like "ya whatever richard, have another beer you crazy." greatest. dog. ever.


Anonymous said...

I know I don't like dogs, but I liked Nala! :(

- Bonibelle

Anonymous said...

can you send me this pic, i wanna print and keep it. shes sooo cute in it.
as for richard calling nala a fox all night at the party... thats my favorite memory of nala. well besides watching movies with her. oh and picking her winter coat out!
i think my favorite memory of rich is him chasing nala around lol

syntifik said...

boner: you're sweet. i love you!

ma: you can save it, cause this is the only copy i have, i re-sized it.. i think it's one of my favorite memories of nala too! YOU'RE THE GREATEST BEST FRIEND EVER!