Tuesday, March 10, 2009


hey you've reached botcho's blog. i am a complete and total wreck without my cell phone and it's awesome. please leave a message in the comment box after the beep & i'll call you from my wack ass land line! son of a bitch!@@$%^&* BEEP.
when life takes away your make up, your memories, your cell phone, your money, your identity, what do you do!? write a blurb on how you're a little upset over things. my name is botcho, i am upset.
dear anonymous thief(s), i applaud your ninja stealth tactics. if sole purpose was to make my life agonizing and irritatable, said purpose has officially been accomplished.
dear week, you're hard. hard to get done without previously mentioned lost materials. however, with this i start brand new. &new = fresh. with thus said, FRESH = botch. so, now that i'm done complaining, i am ready to get everything back. my id picture(s) were so mug shot anyways. ha. let's go get em!!
YOU CAN STOP LOGGING INTO MY SHIT NOW.. wtf is wrong with you !? psycho!

"..back in my long-class-lecture-drawing-botcho's-name-a-million-times mode."
you got it like that.

feelin: fresh
listen: talib kweli - move somethin'