Saturday, March 7, 2009


so i lost my cell phone, & i called it, and someone had it, and they just kept answering & then hanging up on me. i texted them offering a reward for it back, & they didn't reply, they still just kept hanging up on me. so i cancelled that shit and it sucks! hahah. so now, i have no cell phone. & about half an hour after my cell phone goes missing. . my purse gets stolen. NOW. before you think im extremely careless, i swear to god i was like.. RIGHT THERE, like a step away. it happened within five minutes. so okay yeah, it's my fault, i shouldn't have taken my eyes off it. i don't want a lecture, i know, i fucked up. so now, i have no cards to my name (cancelled them all), no keys, no make up, no money, & no identification. i basically don't exist. ugh. WHAT IS THIS LIFE! how the fuck am i gonna go to naughty by nature now!? WITHOUT ANY I.D. lol. i'm more bummed about having to get everything again, and losing that purse cause it was my moms and it was so 80's.. RATS. i also broke my camera, the front plate is coming off. HAHA. shit, right? uhhh.. so this blows. but aside from that, start from scratch was ill.. just iiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllll. alex i'm glad you got robbed too cuz it makes me feel better about my loss:) hahahha
OH AND HEY, if the person who has my shit, and happens to read this, or if you know the person who did it.. can you just return my shit to hifi?! juzz like my keys and cards at least?! my phone ?! MY MAKE UP!? ANYTHING! i really don't wanna have to get all this stuff again:(

feelin: bummed!
listen: naughty by nature - opp