Saturday, March 28, 2009


so a few years ago maribeth was like "HEYY degrassi guy is rapping now" & i was like "ew really!?" & she's like "yeah he's alright though. it's not bad." then all of a sudden he just blew up. & i couldn't go anywhere without hearing his name dropped in conversation.. "FUCK DRAKE IS GOING PLACES!", "HE'S LIL WAYNES GHOST WRITER..", "HE'S SO ILL..!" meanwhile, i'm like fuck drake's so hot, but really!? i think it was more because everyone was trying to make me listen to him, &everyone was ranking dude fucking high.. CHILL OUT BITCHES, SHIT! fine. FINE. after four weeks of debate, i finally played so far gone.
the album has something for everyone, has a kind of r&b feel to it. it's extremely egotistical and is basically dude being like "i'm fly, i'm so famous, i fuck bitches, but only pretty ones, & only if they have boyfriends". which hey, is real. drakes fucking bitches like crazy right now.. so whatever, that lived up to my expectations, not much. LOL. lyrically, it's alright. like there were some points where i'm like "dammit", meaning dammit because it wasn't a bad line, an ill punch or whatever & i'm a drake hater. "24 hours from greatness", hey, i like it.. you're witty drake, you're witty. to me it's 808's & heartbreak with lil wayne swag and the message it screams is, "you know you want me, come to my show". he talks pretty hard for someone who got their ass kicked in scarborough (oh no i didn't!) he also uses the vocoder like crazy, which i wish he used less of. his voice is ill enough to not do so. yeah, dude can carry a tune. he sings very well, and did not need the vocoder. "say what's real" is my favorite, just because it's extremely cocky, but you're not turned down by it.. & well, it's fucking real. i liked it a lot.
it sounds completely like an album, probably because of its simplicity. listening to him makes the possibility of drake being lil wayne's ghost writer completely believable. a mainstream sound with an underground feel.
SUMMED UP, it's definitely not on my top 50 albums of all time, BUT, i didn't hate it, i liked it, i'm no longer a complete drake hater.. and although i hate to admit it, "so far gone" will be playing for awhile. i DO NOT think he's "changing the game" or "bringing realness to the world".. BUT, dude's making a dollar, and he deserves it. he's putting out good shit. all the power to him, he's going places 3/5

there, you succeeded bitches.


Anonymous said...

fair enough, we'll listen to it together and I'll explain all the songs. Especially for the first few songs, he is trying to tell a story about a certain ex girlfriend. It definately had an album feel, didn't have to use the autotune as much, and he did sing alot more then rap. I guess he was going for the r&b approach on this one. In real life, he's actually a humble dude, thankful for any fan and willing to take time to talk to them bout whatever. Now you gotta listen to his second mixtape that kinda put him on the map, it's called "comeback season," and this one has alot more rapping aimed for more of a underground feel.

syntifik said...

we will NOT listen to it together, why would i want to listen to your boyfriend with you?! i'll listen to comeback season, but you gotta get it for me. he's good, but stop sucking his dick, go listen to illmatic! right now!