Thursday, August 6, 2020



 A LOT HAS HAPPENED LATELY. I broke away from hardship, I fought for love, I had to go to the hospital, I was approved for a mortgage, I crashed my bike, I busted up my hand, I met new friends, I cried, I laughed, I wrote, I read poems in front of strangers, I got a promotion, I started renovations, I started consistent counselling, I started a podcast with a friend, I started a new project to help the homeless, I dyed my hair, AND I DANCED MY ASS OFF, all in the midst of a pandemic (in the safest of ways possible, of course). 

This playlist definitely is a sum of everything from all over the map. I went through a bit of an indie wave, a lil bit of a punk wave, a lil bit of a sad wave.. it all hit me this month, OH BUT WHEN DOES IT NOT. 

My main take away this summer is: I'm accepting that people really could give a fuck about me, regardless of how much they pretended to in the past. And honestly, at least for today, I am okay with that. The only person you need to carry you is you. I hope you find a song that helps give you some muscle to carry the weight. 

My current closest circle is keeping me happy and the swim is every bit of refreshing. Ride the wave, baby. 




I Was Here said...

So much to celebrate in this post, even the not-so-good-stuff. Regardless, I'm proud of you. Always will be. Chin up boo.

syntifik said...

Miss you more than you know. Supporting me the most from a whole other country.

Thank you so much, love<3