Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Took you for granted, only now I understand it

I'm all alone in isolation
And the only thing I'm testing is my patience
Thankful I'm alive and waiting, yeah yeah
Out front your place I hide emotions but can't mask depression
You get me high, I'm at your gate
I missed our close connection
Hope I'm not banned from trying again to make it work
I lost you first, make matters worse
I lost my job, I'm non-essential maybe
Don't wash your hands of me
We should be closer, why are we distant?
You hate what we've become but you'll love what we plan to be
I'm focused but still randomly my thoughts will sway
My whole life's a awkward phase
In short I say

We don't make the mistakes that we used to
They've been replaced by something useful
But I'm still strange
Nothing's changed
We told lies, now we're truthful
Can't go back to what we're use to
But I'm still strange
Nothing has changed

Wow. Wow. THIS TRACK, is thee track off the EP. Track 6 off "Odd Cure", boosting that old jazzy type hip hop that we commonly associate with lyrics that are actually palpable. Yup. They're palpable, and it's a relief. This is the medicine we've been looking for. Oddisee takes what lost loves and lovers are feeling during a pandemic and somehow puts it all into words, paired with vocals by Priya Ragu. A nice dose of hip hop for 2020, this one is sure to tug on your heart strings and make you feel some type of way. Lil at night in bed track might be too much for ya head top, I suggest having this one over a cup of coffee so we don't get too into our heads and start calling our exes :P