Thursday, June 2, 2011



So for those of you who don't know.. I've kept a journal since 1993, and I've been "blogging" since 2005. & I decided to take this Throwback Thursday and look back to see if I had any blog entries from this very day.. well I do.. in 2005.

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fuck, it's humid outside, hot sticky weather.. yo. "SO HOT.. KEEP SWEATING !" so the story goes.

so today was the baseball game, which was surprisingly super cool ?! kinda fun. it ended up being me, matthew, cliff, maribeth, mildred, terry & mike chilling for the game. while terry, mike, cliff& i were having a cigarette, a baseball fell from the sky ?! haha ! OUT THE PARK ! terry kept it. it was soo funny though.

after the baseball game, maribeth, mildred and i went to the forks. (this spot by the river with a whole bunch of shops& what not.) mildred left, and maribeth and i were sitting by this fountain, when three guys approach us. one was holding a cigarette, so i asked if i could buy one off him, and he gave me one with the comment "nah you know what, because you're so pretty, you don't have to pay me." thats when we both looked at each other and realized this was gonna be a chop hahaha. they kept trying to persuade us to go and "party with them". we lied and said we had boyfriends, but it was still funny as fuck. all three of them were twenty one, and after we told them that yes, our "boyfriends" were "asian", they said that their dick is way bigger than asians. hahahaa. &maribeth's been going out with her mon for a year and a half ?! HAHA. you're a good actor mami. you should be on days of our lives. WELL OKAY. jokest line was "you're cute. i mean, i want you to have my kids. we'd have cute kids, right ?" ahha how the fuck do i answer that ?! *runs away.

on another note. my mommy found my brother's stash. hahaha. she yelled. yelled a lot. well i shouldnt say found, considering, the weed was just chillin on his desk. stupid headd. his excuse was "mom im just stressing right now.." i left the room, afraid i might laugh. hahahaha.

LOL. Oh wwowwwwww.. How embarrassing is that ! I was 17 and thought I was hot shit. "you should be on days of our lives", wrote that like I thought it was funny? HAHA. Who the fuck did I think I was ?! What a joke lol. I do wish it was hot outside though. Damn this cold weather!