Sunday, June 5, 2011


I had a dream last night that Tyler, the Creator, was mad into me. We like met.. and made out.. and then all of a sudden, I was his girlfriend. Then he had to rush his ass to a show. & all these girls followed.. and I was stupid jealous. I figured I wasn't his girlfriend anymore. Then, he handed me a VIP pass, hooray! I was his girlfriend again! Then we made out.. and his kiss was mad salty. & I said to him, "Why are all black guy kisses salty?", and he laughed hard. I don't know why I thought that in my dream though.. I've never made out with a salty tasting guy :S LOL. ANYWAY, the point of telling everybody this is, it's hella making me crush on Tyler. YOOO BABBBYYY COME GOLF WANNG ME.

Back to studying.