Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The last time I went ahead with Lent was two years ago. I gave up alcohol for the 40 days, and succeeded. I actually have always fully fulfilled my lent promises. I've given up carbonated drinks, fast food, and pork & beef. I've decided to go ahead with lent this year. My original idea was to give up giving up.. but since I feel that isn't strong enough.. I'm going to do more. I'm currently on the slow pace to becoming a vegetarian, I've started with "no meat mondays". I feel like it's a commitment you need to feel passionate about to achieve, and I just haven't been trying hard enough. "No meat Mondays" has been going on for about four weeks now. I had planned to add one more day a week every month, but thus far haven't for March.
I've given up white rice as my new year's resolution (slipping three times, twice to sushi and once to dinner at b's house, damn that nalaga). SOOOOOOOOO in perspective, I already have given up a few things.. but let's dig deeper. For the next forty days, I will continue to not eat white rice, I will not eat meat on mondays AND wednesdays, I will give up pork AND beef (limiting myself to chicken and seafood), AAANNNNNDD!!!!!!!! I will throw down AT LEAST, $1000 onto my VISA. Good luck Botch.
What are you giving up?


Anonymous said...

No more late night drive through


I Was Here said...

You can do it Botch! I'm giving up tea. Tea in general. I looove tea. Tea loves me. O' goodness :/

jHeff said...

I dare you to give up music. Geezus I don't think an average person could do that let alone someone like you. Ultimate sacrifice in my opinion.

syntifik said...

b: no drive-thru, AT ALL!

perla: OHHMYGAAH. tea?! i just had creme brulee african chai. i could never give up tea.

jheff: i'll give up music if you give up school, and driving, and work. ultimate.

Jeff with an H said...

Haha you're weird

syntifik said...