Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So I just checked my formspring to receive this: "just letting you know, cudi has a tumblr! just sayin.".

I IMMEDIATELY RAN A MUCK. I have never typed so fast in my fucking life. I think I almost broke a finger hitting the keyboard that damn hard. My heart literally jumped to my stomach. I was quite down for the past few in seeing that his blog was the "cage" post for such a minute. HOW LONG WAS I SUPPOSED TO WAIT?!?!
The news is true, Cudi DOES have a tumblr. THE WAIT OF MORE CUDI IS OVER! Now regardless of the judgements everyone placed on me via my tumblr post, I shall let you know.. I love the cudder with every molecule in my fucking body. I mean, I get off to cudi. HAHA. Too much. I'm bound to spend the next few going through every piece of his tumblr instead of laundry. Scratch that he only has like 8 posts. BUTTTTT.. thank you to whoever let me in on the know for this one. I'm going to obsess about this one for as long as it lasts.


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cant talk gotta go grocery shopping ;) hahahah