Saturday, December 12, 2009


i've never sugar-coated me being an asshole. i know i am. i'm an arrogant cocky little fuck and i believe the world revolves around me. so let's get it out my system properly before i finish a pack of cigarettes in an hour. let's say fuck that pack of cigarettes, let's not finish a pack, let's finish a blog entry.
can i start by saying, i know what's right. in my heart, in my head, in my mind. i know that lies are sometimes the easiest thing in the world, and i know they are sometimes the hardest. i know i'm better than what comes out of my mouth at times, and i know that feelings can be related to. & if you state exactly how you're feeling at the exact moment you're feeling it, then shit. it's fucking magic bitches. i will never settle for un-easy. by un-easy i mean that feeling in your gut where you wanna say it but the words can't come out. so if the words can't come out of your mouth, type them. you can expect a more positive post later today.. but right now, my mind puzzle has gotten a little crazy, and in order to put that shit back together, you gotta gather all the pieces. i got a few, with each ridge connecting to the mouth of a girl named botch. esco, let's go?

i rarely say i'm sorry. you shouldn't be sorry, you should be different. instead of being sorry, just don't do it. & if you happen to do it again, shit .. you botched. try harder next time. if i say i'm sorry, i rarely mean it. what i really meant to say was "i'm spitting this so that you can get off my case cause i really don't wanna talk about this anymore and you're starting to annoy me."

something along the lines of, "yo botch why'd you eat my orange?!" i didn't eat your orange. "ok, thats cool, but i was really hungry, just so you know." DID I NOT JUST SAY I DIDNT FUCKING EAT IT!? if i say i didn't, you can't throw in there that you don't believe me.. if you don't believe me, SAY YOU DONT BELIEVE ME, and then we can have a decent conversation where we can work things out.. with a lot of cussing and a lot of hate words, but it'll be worked out, JUST SO YOU KNOW.

no. i am not married. so if everyone could stop calling me fucking wifey that'd be fucking awesome. i'm not heading into those books for a long ass time so peace to that title mother fuckers.

for making me itchy as a mother fucker. cause a little humour can make me feel a little better about being such an asshole.

fuck government fees. fuck bitches.
fuck trying to be nice when i'm not in the mood to be nice.
fuck periods for cursing girls with a feeling that makes you wanna choke a bitch.
fuck dudes who think conversation means you want to bang them. fuck when my tea gets cold cause i don't have time to drink it.
fuck cold wind and taxes. a big fuck you to high prices and prissy bitches.
fuck uggs and un-tied laces.
fuck not having tim boots and needing underwear.
fuck getting your eyebrows "done" in the philippines. it's horse shit. not the philippines, i love you boo, just the eyebrows.
fuck this empty wallet bull shit, and fuck whoever half-reads my resume.
fuck doing laundry when your sleep is fucked up. fuck cigarettes for being so fucking addictive but so fucking grand.
fuck not having a car and fuck shiesty police officers.
fuck ex-boyfriends for making you think about situations in accordance with their past stupidity.
fuck being friends with exboyfriends cause being friends is never an option.
fuck library books that don't get read cause you're too busy yelling fuck you.
fuck shitty spoken words that only get noticed because the person reciting is well known.
fuck shitty poetry. fuck everyone trying to be an artist. fuck a laggy ass blackberry. fuck fake hip hop heads.
fuck small minds and pervs. fuck faking love to get money. FUCK OTHER BLOGS.

& lastly, fuck me, for actually giving enough of a fuck, to say fuck you.

good night.


Anonymous said...

I am going to marry you, and, as a wedding gift, buy you a pair of Uggs that have shoelaces that can never be tied, go outside to smoke some contraband cigs while drinking some cold tea, accuse you for not wanting to bang after our smoking conversation, then we both say sorry for nothing, then we finally do the the laundry front of your exboyfriend....and its still cold outside.

that's all in one day so you can always look forward to the next day aight? The next day where you can watch shitty poetry and Justin Bieber all day.

Ron said...

You're a sweet asshole.... wait, that didn't come out right.

Anonymous said...


syntifik said...

#1: right back at cha kid.

#2: oh ron, i can always count on you to make my day.

#3: watch out now.

Anonymous said...

fuck you

syntifik said...

fuck you too