Tuesday, June 9, 2009


if you don't fuck with superkid, you haven't lived.

the day started off with donating a shit load of shit (like 8 garbage bags!!) to the siloam mission. i guess since this was clothing and stuff it doesn't mean "feeding" the homeless.. so i can't get it checked off my list, BUT THATS OKAY! if you see homeless people rocking jordan or louis vuitton (fake louis, philippines, holla.), yall know wassup! rock that shit til it's torn!:) ANDDD.. hello closet space!

today! the fratellis, the ramones, and the foreign exchange.. in rotation. i almost forgot how kick ass the fratellis were, and dude.. totally gonna over play this shit again. so good..! please buy this album./ support that shit son!

THE LONGEST WAIT IN LIFE!!!!! hahahahah should i sleep or smoke a cigarette?! lol im kidding, relax.

SO TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY. i'm not much of a polo person, but today i went there with lizanator and omg.. sephora looks so pretty.. well it looks like every other sephora but OMG. it's so pretty. i wanna go in and buy everything! .. but, im broke.. and that makes me really sad. RICHARD! RICHARD! buy me things! hahah
i love superkid ice cream. that shit is crack in ice cream form. CRACK! ice cream crack. totally different than redbull and slurpee crack. completely different.
so i just signed into msn, and lemme get this clear.. msn names that are like "DONT MESSAGE ME! IM BUSY!" or "LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE, IM PISSED, DONT MSG!!!!" uhhhhhh.. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU ON MSN!? how about stop trying to make me feel like "awww i should see if they're okay.." uh no. NO SYMPATHY FROM ME OKAY. i think you're dumb.. and if you really felt that way, you wouldnt be on msn. g'head and express your emotions, yo thats cool.. but dont lie like you dont want people to msg you. if you really dont want people to message you, sign out bitches! .. and if you're that person on my msn list and you happen to be reading this right now, well shit. i'm sorry you had to find out this way. AHAHHAHA
i dont even know why i go on msn. i don't talk to anyone on it. it just.. sits. ahahahha. no one ever messages me.. and it's always the same people online. like are people really talking on msn still?! or am i the only one that only has one use for msn.. and that use is "oh hahaha that person has a funny name." hahah. no talking msn? i guess i missed that memo.
i miss my boyfriend. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
i miss my friends too. YO! friends! where you at!?
i miss money too. YO! money! get at me! chill in my wallet some time still!




Maribeth said...

nice your havin a celebrity crush too right now?! samezies! except mine is on zachary quinto. and i've been wanting to post a blog about him for a minute, except i keep getting distracted by gawkings at his seductive pictures LMAO

Anonymous said...

ok kid cudi looks like u boyfriend!!!!!!!!

syntifik said...

#1: i had no idea who that was.. had to google him. i think ima have to watch star trek to fall inlove with dude.. GOOGLE IS TOO CRAZY RIGHT!! it's like making out with crushes except not getting that .. full.. throttle! LOL..

#2: so i've been hearing..

Anonymous said...

OHHH GOD YAH! He was so good in Star Trek, plus he WAS spock!

RE: superkid. Honestly?!? I haven't live =(


syntifik said...

am i the only one who hasnt seen this movie?! i tend to watch movies two years after they come out aha ima slack.

janet, you're not allowed to get superkid unless its with me!!!! put that on our list of things to do, perhaps while building a house for the homeless!!!!