Wednesday, June 3, 2009



my life's filled with FUN, hit the jump!

what's up blogging world!! the weather is dope and so is life..! so have a mother fucking picture post! i am like 500 pounds in these pictures. you have been warned.



oh god that's close.

since we was friggin' 12 yo, since we was 12.

you don't wanna fuck wid that!

he had his vans on but they looked like sneakers.

whoa a rosary with a gun on it! BOTCH DID IT FIRST!! you're forgiven, only because you didn't STEAL my idea, we just have the same minds..! *daps.

there are only a select few ways to rock a poncho and pull it off, this is one.

the plate of goodness and death!

.. and hardships!

how ya doin over there?

so i figure, i'll just put my cigarette out on this plate.. hello blondie.. it burned right through ahahha.. AND didnt go out! ahahha




i see! hahaha

definitely one of my faves.

NO WAIT, i changed my mind, this is !!

that's it! no more pictures..!

we'll just go for the other ocampo!

hi richard! care to rock some bells?

the outsiders

marti you're so handsome:)

vans forever!

stop it!


mohawk, in full effect. "stop touching it if you don't dig it!!"
i don't hate it! it's ALRIGHT.

sick mod.

boston forever okay!



nice hand placing

richard! stop ignoring my bbms!! *ping!

.. i .. no explanation for this one.

yay finally!

i like blinking in pictures. p.s. i want ur shirrtttt

as if i'm somebody.

the dope boys in the building..!

okay! lol


"i am.. fucking.. done." "SICK!"

job well done boys!

i honestly didn't know what was happening..

if richard takes his hat off does that mean business?!


SO ALL OF A SUDDEN.. eazy-e shows up!!

now jono was like "ehh eazy-e.. he's gonna steal my thunder.."

"now roger here, roger here loves eazy-e!"

teej: "EVERYONE loves eazy-e!!"

EAZY E! ahahhaha i dont care if no one laughs at that, i will forever! thanks kelly!

jono wasn't impressed with jay's peace sign.

so he instructed her how to do it.

but she got nervous, and backed out last minute! we gave her one more shot..

it fell through!

man power!

my back hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttts. chiroprac this shit already botch! what you sayin sittin doing nothing gahddamn.. fack i am getting fat.. havent ran in like.. four days.. yo fatness, sup! i saw a mosquito the size of a quarter today.. i nearly died. i didnt kill it, i was afraid other mosquitoes would see and hunt me down later.. i dont wanna deal with kanker worms either. son of a --!!!!!!!!!! so big framed glasses is what it is. do you. whatever. but today i saw a person rocking them, and they had no lenses in them.. uhhhhh so it's just for the look?! i dont understand! then when i looked closer, on the frame read "3D".. OMG~!!! MAN IS WEARING 3D GLASSES FOR HYPE.. i nearly died. what is this world coming to!? next we're going to be taking shit out of cereal boxes and rocking it as jewelry. ew.
so i made my way to school today, to pick up some of my shit, including some pictures.. and someone stole literally CUT out one of my pictures. SOMEONE TOOK MY PICTURE. yes, i am completely creeped, but i have a feeling as to who it is.. and all i have to say to you is, don't call me unless you're willing to fucking make shit right. AND AS FOR TAKING MY PICTURE, i dont know what you want from me anymore! i gave up trying to figure out what the fuck was going through your head a long time ago.. asjkhfgkjhaaaaa i dunno! what chu want!? i dunno.. i don't fuckingggggg knoooowwwwwwww!! also, i have an "interim".. if yall dunno what that means, it basically means i'm fucked. WHICH I SHOULDNT BE.. cause i ace'd that fucking class and had the highest mark for the exam. so it's total bull shit.. need to get that straightened out ASAP. ugh. my life. ALSO. my 6 am phone call.. i dunno .. i just.. don't .. know. i'm done playing the games man. do you. i'ma do me.