Monday, June 8, 2009


his mom really likes loves kobe.
part two with split screen of the game may or may not be coming soon. HAHA

yo mother nature, wtf!

so james moved out! fritz moved into his place. EXACTLY THE SAME, but completely different..! it's much more family in there. it was trippy..! a very happy birthday to fritz! thanks for the grub! and congrats!

DEAR JAMES, i took this because i remembered when you said "my carpet looks so gross, but trust me, my place doesnt look like the carpet!" <3

LOL. gross.

SO THIS WEATHER IS BOSS AY? where the fuck are we?! vancouver?! forreals.
bitches i need to get shit done and it just never happens! oh wait! i did something today. so i cancelled my internet awhile back on my phone while i was really broke. cause hey, save $20 a month, please. so today i called to add it back, and they're like, well that was an old plan, we dont have it anymore. OH NO! but i dont wanna pay like another $50 for unlimited internet:( soo after like twenty minutes of me saying "no i cant do it." and them saying well you can have this but you'll lose your evenings at 4pm and they'll move to 9pm.. i was like "yo, i cannot go from evenings at 4pm, to evenings at 9pm! that's crazy, i'll just stick with no internet, i dont wanna lose anything, my plan is too great right now.." and the dude says "ok well ill call head offices and see if we can access ur old plan since u already had it, but it is expired, so im not sure.." yo after allah that, you're looking at a girl with unlimited everything, for $5 more. I LOVE YOU TELUS. lets bang.
speaking of bang....... ice age in this biatch. speaking of ice age.. no i got nothing.
i know i said i'd do those reviews, IM SUCHA SLACKER! ughhh i knooowww. i fail at life im sorryyyy.. *sigh. within the month of june, you'll have at least one! HAHAHAHAHA. check that! goals bitches, goals. AHAHAHA. oh gahd.
lets get some congratulations outta the way.
dear jimi and richard, CONGRATS x A BILLION!
i dont know what to say now.
telus forever! nas forever! life..! zombies! ay!

DC National Skateboard Championship 2009 this weekend..!