Wednesday, June 17, 2009


so it dropped a year ago, and "day n night" was all over the place. it was a good song, then a year later, it blows up.. ugh. if you've been sleeping on cudi, get on him..
the first song is "down & out" which you may recognize as a previous song from my blog:) hahaha. anyway, this song is the song that put me on cudi..YEAH IT WASNT YOU ALEX. alex put me on drake, you can have that. anyways.. the beat just comes in hard.. and as soon as i heard this song, i needed to have it. that guitar, oh lads. can we get up and bop our hands up and down like nowwww pls.
he also has appearances, wale wale! i was one who refused to listen to wale, he was like the mainstream of the underground. i'm not one for listening to music that people tell me to listen to if i think the person is a hip hop front. "YO CHECK WALE!!! HES SO SICK!!" yo suck my dick, you done thought midnight maurauders was de la soul.. but okay. okay. wale's going to be worth checking out, now anyways since everyone's off his dick. wale's flow is kinda wack in this song so i hope i hear better from him.
however, after two songs in, and both songs being story telling, so great. i love story-telling rap! so muchhhh. paint a vision in my head, i want it.
the feel of this whole tape gives you some-what of a "ratatat" esque, which is new and fun. it really gets you excited about hip hop, which i dont know about yall, but that hasn't happened to me for a minute. it's modern music that gives you an old school feeling. sometimes his lyrics fall off and i feel like his bars are mashed a little oddly. however, an emcee that sings too hasn't come out for a while now, and that's nice to hear. yeah he isn't dropping lyrical bombs that leave your mind in awe, but kid has something. he's witty, he's funny, and he says things that you think about all the time. he says things that you've thought about, and then forgot you thought about it.
under kanye's belt, he's sure to go far, as long as kanye doesn't go completely crazy before then:) i can't wait til he drops more, i love him. this tape is so versatile and refreshing, anyone who listens to it will like it. i think if you don't have it, you should get it.. because i haven't been this excited about music since nerd's seeing sounds (of which it's comparable).. and that says a lot for me.

it took me a really long time to rate this out of 5.. because i really should give all components an individual rating.. then i heard this one line. "if i die today, the last thing you remember won't be about some apple bottom jeans with the boots with the fur".. THAT DID IT FOR ME. cause honestly, that shit made me laugh and smile for days. i love this shit, i actually won't mind if dude blows up.. CUDI I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABIES! I WANT YOU, I LOVE YOU.. ALL DAY CUDI! AH. HOWEVER.. let me get one thing clear, if i was basing this rating on lyrics, i'd give it a 2.5.. as a WHOLE, this shit is too fucking crazy, it fits summer perfectly and it's so fun i wanna listen to it forever! if i ever die, i want yall to play nas at my wake, and then i want you to have a crazy party after.. i want everyone drunk telling crazy botch stories!! AND at this party, the dj must be spinning cudi. you know what fuck it.. i might be crazy to do this but ima go ahead and give it a 4/5.

dwell on that!

I ALSO FOUND OUT.. that another song on my blog, the "don't trust a ho" song.. if you're friends with me, you know i sang that shit literally everywhere i went for two months straight.. anyway.. that song was just remixed, FEATURING KID CUDI! im gonna go find it right after i press post:)!!! *dies.

this has nothing to do with cudi.. but look!! obama kills a fly!! pretty righteous. apparently peta is pissed.. and they released this statement: "He isn't the Buddha, he's a human being and human beings have a long way to go before they think before they act." ARE THEY FORREAL. ahahahaha fackkkahhff peta.


Anonymous said...

you done thought midnight maurauders was de la soul...tooo funny

& you'll like this

syntifik said...

ima comedian..

and you're right, i loved it !

.. but anonymous comments need to stop being so shy k thanks!!

rodrigues said...

k so cudi is a throwback to what hip hop use to be. the applebottoms line in the prayer was jokes, embrace the martian is redic, and the beat for down and out is dope!

but you know cudi is getting mainstream when he's doing a track for transformers 2. sky might fall

Maribeth said...

I'm proud to say that I am now Kid Cudi fan because of you.

On that note.. we must see him live. Not only because he songs are good, but he seems to be a pretty groovy dancer and he has a cool light show! I present to you... Exhibit A.